Adventures with Config Tool

Had a fun day out tracking down my Easystar when it disappeared out of sight while testing the AP.


I'm having a weird problem with loading my waypoints into AP 2.6 with IMU.  The present setup does not confirm your waypoints after initialization, i guess because it's waiting for the IMU to be healthy.


I can't reliably use the Config Tool away from the internet.  The Test Suite does not seem to write the waypoints properly into AP 2.6


Perhaps I'm doing something stupid.. 


If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.  I can tell that the system works great - I just need to get through this last hoop - how to load in waypoints for 2.6 in the field.. 

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  • That is weird,

    Daft are not trying to upload WP`s to the IMU are you?!?

    config tool..

    I have a crude work around...

    connect to internet, create mission...DONT close config tool save mission....if the tool is open and i go to the filed to thinks it still connected,as its all cached... so can write, re-write WP`s as needed...move then around etc..

    Another thought occurs to me...

    i have to unplug the IMU to upload WP`s...

    this is really important as its using the same port..

    what i do is pull the power from teh IMU (its using the AP header to power it)...upload....and its fine.....if i dont pull the power (or connecter) i can not ever upload...(makes perfect sence when uyou think about it....)

    I suspect, you have not disconnected/powered down the IMU before uploading Wp`s...

    give that a shot...that got me the first few times....until i stared at it long enough to realise my muppetry!

    also when you -reboot the AP you should see your WP`s in the first few lines if connected to A18 serial window (i bodged a lead to check that it was doing what i had intended)

    hope this helps.

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