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Nuts about electronics and micros. Nuts about the "Space Program". Love the idea of UAV projects. Hope to get one running soon!

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space_nut commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post ArduIMU V3 is finally here!
"Is there somewhere I can sign up for an email?  i.e. when ArduIMU v3 is ready for order?  I have been working with v1 and v2 boards.."
Nov 8, 2011
space_nut replied to Vladimir Popov's discussion ArduPilot Mega + non-Mega ArduIMU. Is it possible ?
"I've been using the Ardupilot with Arduino 0018 version code.  This allows you to use attach more than 2 servos using servo.attach and writeMicroseconds commands.  I've tested it with 3 outputs but 4 should work fine.
I also modified the IMU to…"
Jan 6, 2011
space_nut replied to Nathaniel Caner's discussion FPV hardware questions
"Not a big expert but I'm testing a few bits and pieces.

I use the Range Video stuff and it works fairly well. I still use XBEE telemetry because, even with the OSD, you can get out of range quite easily.

I also send up a Sony MHS-PM1 (bloggie).…"
Sep 9, 2010
space_nut posted a discussion
Getting some nice results for aerial photography/video with a glider and a Sony HD pocket camera.LINKNow want to add stabilization with gyro-controlled servos.Then "poing" > the idea to use ArduIMU as the stabilization mechanism.Has anyone out there…
Sep 8, 2010
space_nut commented on Jason Short's blog post Ardupilot 2.7 Final
"present code:

groundspeed vs ground_speed"
Aug 29, 2010
space_nut replied to Darren Ng's discussion Test Suite : Throttle Test~
"Could this be a D13/D11 thing?"
Aug 21, 2010
space_nut commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Using drones to monitor water use? Why?
"This kind of solution seems to make little sense here in North America but in the developing world or war torn countries it may not be a bad fit.

Yes, it's easy to envision cell phone or even satellite comms as the appropriate tech - mind you, I…"
Aug 18, 2010
space_nut commented on Jason Short's blog post ArduPilot Auto Launch Testing
"This is nice. The old 2.6 Autolaunch would drift depending on your tuning.

Lemme get this straight - you are keeping roll@0, pitch@whatever and course@ launch value until you attain the required height?"
Aug 16, 2010
space_nut commented on Nathaniel Caner's blog post "From The Ground Up" : One persons experience with DIY drones and ArduPilot - Part One
"Great to see your progress, Nathaniel.

Looking forward to more great news"
Aug 16, 2010
space_nut replied to Jason Short's discussion Ardupilot 2.7 Beta 4
"Hey Jason,

Does this mean I can get 4 channel control from the original Ardupilot board? I'll need to solder a few more jumpers then?"
Aug 5, 2010
space_nut left a comment for Jim
"Hey Jim,

You back in town yet?"
Aug 2, 2010
space_nut commented on agmatthews's blog post ArduIMU groundstation written in 'processing'
"Here's the vid for the Groundstation

Here is another vid showing a raw NMEA Groundstation"
Aug 2, 2010
space_nut commented on agmatthews's blog post ArduIMU groundstation written in 'processing'
"I now have a stable copy of the Ardupilot Groundstation written in Processing. It reads in waypoints and home location from text files created using the Config Tool. It will then display a map in XY and Z in relation to waypoints with landing assist…"
Aug 2, 2010
space_nut commented on Ken's blog post Putting your EM-406 GPS back in to NMEA mode without waiting
"The (free) Sirfdemo program can also put the EM406 back into "factory fresh" mode - 4800, NMEA. I used this to get my arduIMU running with the EM406 after I had used it [the GPS] a few times in other projects. And yes, I too found that the IMU code…"
Jul 27, 2010
space_nut replied to Nathaniel Caner's discussion Senior Telemaster UAV Platform

This is my favorite - The PNP version is pretty reasonable and they seem to be a short drive away. If you crash, the guts alone are worth the $ and you could re-use them in another foamy.

Just a…"
Jul 23, 2010
space_nut replied to Nathaniel Caner's discussion Senior Telemaster UAV Platform

Have you considered using a "disposable" el-cheapo platform for your initial testing? Not sure what is available in your area.."
Jul 23, 2010