Autoland settings in Ardupilot 2.6

I need some clarification about the "autoland" settings in AP2.6 as listed below. Can anyone assist?


Let's say I want to begin my approach at WP4 and cut my throttle at WP5. Do I replace 998 with 5 and create a WP6 then use 6 as my cut-off?


Also, can I ue several Waypoints at the slow speed or is it just SLOW then CUTOFF?


Any help would be appreciated.





// This section is for setting up auto landings
// You must have your airframe tuned well and plan your flight carefully to successfully execute auto landing
#define SLOW_WAYPOINT 998   // When this becomes the current waypoint we will decrease cruise_airspeed to AIRSPEED_SLOW. Replace 998 with the beginning of your landing pattern
#define AIRSPEED_SLOW 10
#define THROTTLE_SLOW 30     //  This should be the throttle value that produces AIRSPEED_SLOW in straight and level flight
#define THROTTLE_CUT_WAYPOINT 999 // When this becomes the current waypoint we will cut the throttle; set it so it is well beyond the touchdown zone so that it is not reached, else you will enter RTL mode or loop waypoints
        // Remember that this is engaged with it becomes the next waypoint to go to, not when it is reached. If it is reached, the plane will climb again and RTL.

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  • Thanks Luis, all in the name of science eh! :~)

    John, no....never got a 'Round Tuit'

    Ok setups..

    3 Ap`s

    2 IMU`s

    1 Thermos.

    For trialing the system, i use a Twinstar or Funjet, on this case i am refering to the Twinstar (its rubber..and handles properly at speed!, (well with 1kg on board anyway))

    Other airframes include 'Shadow Configuration' UAV, the rest i cant talk about....

    OK...I do all testing on the TS as its heavily loaded and behaves much like the bigger airframe, but slower..

    So, 'Shadow Type' 2.5m span, 5.2kg top end 100mph, cruising 40-70

    20Ah on board, 1.25 - 1.5 hours time.

    Full Fowler flaps for Loiter and landings (In a 15 knot breeze it will actually fly backwards with flaps fully deployed)

    1 Pilot cam (board)with head tracker, 1 Gimballed cam (FCB-EX) with serial control uplink (Gimball and uplink is a work in progress with a couple of other poeple)

    To be fair, the gains on both TS and Shadow type, are very similar and close to stock, just with greater movements and Heading gains for the Shadow type. (Ails are small size comparison)

    IMU setups that i am using is AP2.6 IMU 1.7 with the Converted file for shield V2 (so that the pass through works)

    I hope this illuminates what we are using.

  • Excellent!

    Will let you know how it goes.
  • Developer
    Yes you have it right. You can use several waypoints at the slower speed - that is what is intended. For example, to begin your "pattern" and slow down you might set SLOW_WAYPOINT 10. You might then fly some kind of a circuit stepping down your altitude and arrive fairly low at some waypoint. The next several waypoints you would place in a line in the intended landing direction. Set the waypoint where you want the throttle to cut off, and then set another waypoint in the same direction well beyond where you think the plane will land so that it will hold its attitude.
  • After studying this very thing...

    I think you are right....

    WP5 (in your case) is set to a low alt and a way off, when reached, its to wp6 which is set far beyond the glide path to touch down..

    so thoeritically once WP has been achieved, it should cut and glide towards 6....and land by itself....

    If i have understood what is written, i am in agreement with this assuption...problem i have is that i have no shield connected so cat test this feature...

    please let me know how yuo get on.....very interested.

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