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  • 3D Robotics
    Rec: Not sure what you mean. 2.7 does support autotakeoff and landing.
  • Yello people!
    Ive a question. Why AP 2.7 doesnt support takeoff and landing in AUTO?
    As I see the problem is not a wind at X-plane. This problem happend becouse you are doesnt load a WP before/during takeoff phase. And the plane is going by random way.
    It make me harry ) Could you fix it?
  • Developer
    good catch. update made.
  • present code:

    groundspeed vs ground_speed
  • Hi Jason
    I will do the test as soon as the weather clears up.

    BTW I made a remark on Issue 11 and 17.

  • Developer
    If anyone can try this release with an airspeed sensor and ground link I'd really like to verify the accuracy of the output (m/s * 100) as compared to GPS. You'll have to fly a pattern toward, away and across the wind to get the data.
  • Developer
    SW development is usually two steps forward and one step back... but can be one step forward and several steps back... Great work Jason! Thanks again..
  • Developer
    OK, It's back. Major fix with Airspeed units. I think I find the best bugs right after uploading. It's inevitable.

    If you use an airspeed sensor, you'll want to re-download.
  • Jas, great efforts ! all the best.
  • Developer
    I made a stupid mistake on the airspeed calcs. I'm going to pull it down and fix it.
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