It went great, until.... reset



Here's a video of my Easystar test flight using the latest 2.6.2 code.


Auto-takeoff - worked like a charm and cruised to the designated alt then started hunting for WP1

WP1 hit - start hunting for WP2




autopilot reset


Any ideas on solving this snag? 



Not sure if airstart engaged but plane went out of control for a while, even in Stabilize

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  • 3D Robotics
    Things that can cause a board reset include:

    --low voltage/brownout (is your ESC big enough?)
    --something shorting the board (have you shielded/wrapped the board to avoid contact with metal?)
    --high current drain (if you're using digital servos and your plane is out of trim, their "hunting" can cause brownouts)
  • I noticed that the mode is jumpy with the middle setting (mode 2, both LED's on), in this case AUTO. I plan to re-test with STABILIZE in mode 2 and AUTO in mode 3. Perhaps a separate (small) power supply for the Micros and Servos - will disconnect power lead from ESC and use GND/SIGNAL.

    Anyone have experience with this?
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