Help with PID settings

I'm using Ardupilot with a standard Easystar setup.


Do I still need to tune PID settings or can I just use the included .h file? It does not seem to work as is.


Got ok results with Stabilize and FBW.


Could anyone post a copy of the working PID values for Easystar?



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  • Aaaaaah.

    This explains alot.

    I remember seeing the mod way back when but it did not occur to me. Excellent! Unfortunately, my Easystar is stuck on a roof but the owners tell me I can get it down on Monday ;)

    In the meantime, I can fire up my backup Ardupilot. Also gives me an excuse to try the Ardu IMU.

    Question - What's the extra setup for changing the PID values mid flight? This is mentioned somewhere in the Manual. It would at least need the RX connector from the Plane XBEE to be connected..
  • 3D Robotics
    Our EasyStars have rudders that are increased in size by about 100% (with a business cards). You can see how here. If you are using the stock rudder and/or motor (you shouldn't--both suck!), you'll need to increase the P values.
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    "Space Nut"

    I don't have an Easystar myself, but from what I understand the Ardupilot should work well "out of the box" with the included h file. Could you post some details of the problems your having?
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