Calibrating the XY thermopiles

Sometimes I feel like "one step forward, two steps back".


My Easystar with Ardupilot is ready for my next test flight but..  calibrating those XY thermo's - I can never get this to work in manual mode.  Perhaps it's me but I can only get good Roll/Pitch values when I start up the Ardupilot in Stabilize mode.  However, this is chewing up my elevator servo as it does an extreme angle during the startup phase.


I can probably avoid this by unplugging the servos until the XY calibration is complete. Urgh.


Can anyone offer advice?  Is this normal?  Should I always initialize Ardupilot in Stabilize mode?


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  • Developer
    Could you be more specific?
    And can you enclose your header file? It's hard to talk about your setup without that.

    Are you doing the radio_setup sequence at the beginning? try not doing that. Calibrate the thermopiles is easy, just rotate the plane so the IR windows can see the sky and ground.
  • I always start up in manual mode.

    Do you have a Z sensor?
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