Calibrate mode

IDEA: add a mode in Ardupilot 2.6 that will automatically tune PID gains and trim the servos while in flight. (Calibration)


Is there enough attitude and position information to do this?  In theory, we want a relationship between servo positions and attitude response.  Perhaps get the steps function response?


The procedure would be to get the UAV to a safe altitude with MANUAL and STABILIZE modes then flip to CALIBRATE mode.  The plane would then perform a few controlled maneuvers while Ardupilot records and analyzes the data.  You should be able to detect any "porpoising" or "snaking" with the attitude data.  Also, trimming the aircraft could be accomplished with the GPS data once wind is not a factor.


This could be really useful for folks who want to try new airframes.





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  • That's great news! Can't wait to get one of those up in the air
  • 3D Robotics
    That's on the roadmap for ArduPilot Mega.
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