Advice Needed for F450 Custom Build

So I'm currently trying to build a 450 size quadcopter that can be flown indoors with an AUW of around 2.5 kg. One of the main purposes of the drone will be for surveillance so I need it to be very stable, be able to fly up to ~20 minutes at a time, and be able to fit through standard doorways. I've made a spreadsheet with all of the components that I'm considering for this build and i would love some feedback on how feasible it would be. Money is not too big of an issue.

Build Specs

Main Objectives:
1. ~20 min flight time
2. AUW 2.6kg
3. Must fit through doorways
4. Be extremely stable to fly

Main Components:
DJI F450 Frame
Sunnysky V3508-700KV Motors
11"x4.7" APC Propellers
A3 Flight Controller 
DJI E800 620S ESC
Lumenier 12000mAh 4S Battery

1. Is it safe to assume that I can get 1500g of thrust from each motor as indicated in the Sunnysky spec sheet?
2. Will the F450 frame be able to safely hold 2.5kg of weight?
3. What is a good option for the landing gear?
4. How stable will the build be?

If you guys have any advice, I'd really appreciate it! :)

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  • The 11"x4.7 props might be under powered for that size battery. I suspect the "2.5kg" weight you are stating is underestimating it. You are most likely going to have some sort of obstacle avoidance system, sonar flow sensor and suck. My quad comes in at 1200g without fpv and what have you. Then your going to add 900g+ and the avoidance system you are going to hit that 2.5kg mark fast.

    For a "surveillance drone" you might want to think about your components a bit more, but yes it will fly.

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