Hello, my name is Alejandrina, I'm Ingenieer in agronomy production from Argentine I' m an Ardupilot  happy owner for my new Skywalker, I'm newbie with RC and autopilot, my idea is to obtain aerial photos of the crops to help me to decide fertilization in presicion agriculture; my english is very bad but I'm going to try to participate in this very useful forum.

Here's my New plane on It's first day

Here you can see the Ardu and the minim in the top and the Dragon downside


 Finally the minim moves in front of the plane fro interferences with gps

I have to decide how to attach the compact camera

For the moment I attached the camera like this



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See attached for what I hve done; one camer is RGB and one is NIR.


Tanks Jerry, good idea, What NIR camera do you have?

Ive been thinking about the same issue as well. Id like to capture images in VNIR in order to calculate NDVI and other metrics. Most of the available cameras are visible spectrum only and have a Bayer filter (2 green: 1 red: 1 blue) and an IR cutfilter to block infrared. The websites Ive seen about IR photography are more artistically oriented and the photographer removes the IR cut filter but not the Bayer filter. In order to get useful data from this camera, youd have to chose one of the three values or average them. The best approach to capturing VNIR images would probably be to use a splitting prism and 4 CCDs, but that is probably too expensive. The page [ dpfwiw.com/ir.htm ] has some useful information about various filters for IR photography.

I bought 2 Lumix DMC-TS3 s.


I paid an additional $600 to have them both triggered electronically (at the same time) and one modified for NIR and 'matched' to the other camera.

Attached you can see a simple test sample result (low resolution) generated by the free MultiSpec software.


Thanks Jerry, beautifull Photos

I was investigating the ir cameras too, saw the Tetracam but is expensive and low resolution, but I find something interesting that if you remove the IR filter and block the blue light, you can use the blue band as IR band and is possible to obtain NDVI with only one cheap camera, i have a doubt whit the exposure speed you can obtain with this metod.


Your project so far looks fine.  Keep us updated on this project.

Thanks, Where are you from?

Where did you

What kind of modifications did you do for the NIR camera? Was it simply a removal of the IR cut filter, or was the Bayer filter removed too? If the Bayer filter is still attached, which pixels do you use for NIR?

Hola Cala, me interesa comunicarme con vos, soy colega con la misma idea :). Saludos. Mario

Buenisimo, entre más podemos sacar mejores ideas. de donde sos?

(Wonderfull, more people with the same idea=better ideas, where are you from?)

De Jujuy franciscomariot at gmail y vos en que lugar estas?

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