Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is a term used for photographs taken by an airborne vehicle such as a helicopter, a plane or a drone. These aerial images are not only fascinating for us but also are a source of information. Taking aerial photos was a very expensive exercise but not anymore, thanks to the drone technology. 


few of the applications which come to mind.

  • Aerial images are a source of information for disaster management services.
  • Mining professionals use these images.
  • Military purposes
  • Entertainment purposes, such as films
  • Advertisement
  • Historical studies.
  • Industrial inspection and damage assessment
  • Reconstruction and rehabilitation
  • Agriculture applications such as crop health monitoring and spraying.
  • Urban planning
  • Wildlife protection
  • Tourism

An article on Aerial Imagery Using Drones

I am collecting a comprehensive list of applications. If any application comes to mind please share.


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