Hi everyone,

I just joined the forum after Toby Osmond of Hobbyking pointed me to this website!

We are a startup and run www.airshaper.com, where we currently offer external aerodynamics simulations on fixed geometries, so no propellers (yet).

We're looking into whether it would make sense to expand our tool to include rotating geometry like propellers. Most stuff is just bought off the shelve these days, so I'm wondering if it would make sense or not.

We've done cool stuff so far on fixed wing drones, as you can often eliminate the prop if you're not interested in that area:


We also made some tutorial movies:



What do you think, would there be many people interested to analyze the airflow around their (vertical-prop) drone? And if so, what would be the main things they're looking for in such a tool?

Thanks a million for your input!!



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