Again my copter doesn't go up :´-(

i'm started with arducopter 8 months ago , and it's neve goes fine.


Today i replaced new motor's and props and i can't go up


the same issue like some months before 

copter goes to back ar backleft.


my setup

 4 x KD2217 motor

4 x  10x4.5 props

X mode

ESC are calibrated

Direction of props ar OK


i have a video : 



and also add the log as attachment


please can someone help

2011-08-28 07-32 1.log

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  • Alright ,


    placed new legs , new props and look . . .

    it goes up with a little drifting.

    Wich is the best logging to avoid drifting ???

    Also i can't hover , if i go up and leave the stick is goes down immediately.

    So wich logging is the best to investigate ???


    otherwise Great job for the team


  • 3D Robotics

    It looks like all your props are upside down.

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