AH & and compass display going crazy

Now that my telemetry is working on the new code I was able to connect to my copter by mission planner, however the AH works OK initially, when I tilt the copter the AH reflects the correct display.


Then a few seconds later the AH goes crazy, pitch, roll, inverted, spinning and the compass shows all different headings.


I have the DIYDrones magnometer mounted pins forward components down.


I'm not sure if its because of how I'm connecting it to the APM.


I didn't want to solder the device onto the APM I've got it connected to the I2C port.


I soldered this onto the magnometer board


and I attach that via this cable to the I2C port


That's the only thing I'm doing that's undocumented, so can anyone tell me if the way I've done it is not going to work (before I start unsoldering)


Photo attached



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  • Problem solved, I reflow gyro and accel, and everything fell into place. The air temperature 325F.

    Many thanks to tech support.

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    This is the video of crazy IMU.


    It looks like the GYRO Y sensor is going wild according to the sensor raw input.


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    Not 100% sure I follow what's happening. Is this just a Ground station issue or an issue with flight?

    Did you run the IMU and compass test in the CLI? If you enable attitude in the logs you can see your roll, pitch, and yaw.


  • Strangely, my IMU never flown, but before that I downloaded the firmware Pirates code in the configurator everything was normal. Now out of town and can not verify.
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    Only a 30 day warranty on the IMU. :-(
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    Ok, so I upgraded to 2.0.31 and I'm still having this problem.

    So I installed 2.0.31 on my spare APM+IMU, plug it into my copter, and no problem.


    Indicating its either the APM or IMU.


    So I swap the IMUs between the APMs, and I've isolated it down to the IMU, as the both APMs show the AH and compass stable with one IMU, and both go crazy with the other IMU


    Is there a warranty on the IMU for DIYDRONES?

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