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Radio mechanic engineer by profession, I'm fond of the construction of aircraft.

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Flying with camera, video photo shoot.

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Alexander replied to Phil P's discussion RFD900 makes servos jitter
"Same problem in big rf power of rfd, same problem in orange 1w, my servo 2 Bluebird broke in 10 minutes of jittering. I try filter, shilding whith no luck.
Change servo to analog Hitec and problem solved!"
Jun 10, 2015
Alexander commented on Stefan Gofferje's blog post Arduino-based mode switch
Subscribe to the issue, is it possible to assign ppm on Channel 5?"
Jun 9, 2015
Alexander replied to Alexander's discussion APM1-2560 (3.0.1) and 3DR 915Mhz problem
"Update 3DR to 1.7 firmware, nothing change."
Dec 9, 2013
Alexander posted a discussion
Hi, I can not understand. APM1 (2560) . Flashed the latest version 3.0.1. Telemetry 3DR 915MHz (firmware 1.6) ( configured as expected ) The question is, telemetry operate normally works displayed horizont , etc., but only to take off as soon as the…
Dec 9, 2013
Alexander replied to Neil Scott's discussion Firmware not loading on latest mission planner
"I had a similar situation before. I downloaded the Arduino software and firmware separately. Sets the configuration by manually editing the project compiled and loaded by the Arduino software.…"
Oct 19, 2013
Alexander replied to Hai Tran's discussion AH & and compass display going crazy
"Problem solved, I reflow gyro and accel, and everything fell into place. The air temperature 325F.
Many thanks to tech support."
Jul 20, 2011
Alexander replied to Hai Tran's discussion AH & and compass display going crazy
"Strangely, my IMU never flown, but before that I downloaded the firmware Pirates code in the configurator everything was normal. Now out of town and can not verify."
Jul 9, 2011