aileron servo goes mad

when i put the radio into stabilisation mode the aileron servo goes mad yet all the others behave properly ie elevator works fine

i have tried adjusting the servo roll pids and i can stop the movement by setting P to 0 but then i get no stabilsation if i move it up to sat 2 or 3 i get stabilisation but when the plane is sitting still the aileron servo goes mad

does anyone have any idears please

thanks allan

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  • yes Martin i got the MTK gps

  • no i didnt ill try it tomorrow night after work
  • guys im wondering if my problem may be radio setup i am useing a dx7

    if i start it up with the aux port disconnected it seems to work fine

    it starts in stabilise mode as i can operate the elevator and ailerons from the radio and will auto stablise and the servo jittering is gone ie it seems to work properly just cant change modes :)

    im serching for dx7 setup info as i thought i had it right

  • I don't know if this is related or not, but I'm having an issue with mine at the moment too. When in manual mode I am unable to control the ailerons but if I switch to stabilize it seems to control them fine.

    It may or may not be related, and as yet I haven't had a chance to do proper testing, but its interesting that two aileron related issues are occurring.

  • Developer
    A better description of what it does (goes mad) would be helpful in figuring out your issue.  Also, what code/revision are you running?
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