Brisbane, Queensland

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Just starting in UAV's.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I'm interested in the commercial use of UAV's - Particularly in Australia where we have slightly more relaxed laws regarding their use.

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Shaw Innes commented on Patrick McKay's blog post 8.6 mile Rangelink UHF Control Handoff Mission (video)
"I've been thinking about this type of flight myself recently (thinking only...) so I'm really pleased that someone is actually testing these concepts.  Has anyone done any research into other equipment that supports multi-master mode?
I know it's…"
Jul 24, 2013
Shaw Innes replied to pyrosamz's discussion a massive shout out to Bask Industries melbourne
"That's good to know.  I must also say, I recently purchased an MR4 from them and rang them up to check the order status and they were very helpful on the phone."
Jul 20, 2013
Shaw Innes commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post Successful Failsafe and Full Telemetry Control!
"Excellent video as always.  I really think your pragmatic approach to testing everything is so good!  Good luck with the cross-country trip :)"
Jul 19, 2013
Shaw Innes commented on Rob_Lefebvre's blog post Arducopter Non-Simulated Motor Failure Test!
"It's not great that your motor failed - but that shot of the prop shooting off into the sunset is priceless! :)"
Jul 17, 2013
Shaw Innes commented on Khurram's blog post GE's ADEPT 3000 miniature Video Tracker revisited
"The ADEPT 3000 looks interesting.  I made some enquiries today and in Australia the development kit goes for around $13,000.  It's a little out of my budget, that's for sure :)"
Jun 24, 2013
Shaw Innes replied to 1stnzbcxw733d's discussion Obtaining a UAV Commerical Operator's Certificate
"Hi Michael, I have spoken to Phil Presgrave at CASA regarding this - he was extremely helpful with information, it seems that CASA is in a bit of a limbo state at the moment - they are (were) currently working on a more formal means of integrating…"
Mar 13, 2012
Shaw Innes commented on Shaw Innes's blog post Project Andromeda - New airframe and autopilot
"Absolutely James - the airframe in the videos above is the latest revision of the concept vehicle... It's hard to tell from the videos - but it's of a similar design, the wings are a little less swept, and a little longer than in the renders. I'll…"
Jul 28, 2011
Shaw Innes posted a discussion
I've had my APM for a while now - I got it in December 2010 and had it working basically, but never flew with it. I just started reprogramming and setting it up again and noticed that my first channel output isn't working (even in manual mode)... I…
Jul 28, 2011
Shaw Innes commented on Shaw Innes's blog post Project Andromeda - New airframe and autopilot
"Yeah sure. The website has some at www.projectandromeda.com.au but they're a bit outdated. I've got some more at home - I'll upload them tonight. Most of my recent stuff is video - there are some nice ones of our launch system which I'm planning to…"
Jul 28, 2011
Shaw Innes posted a blog post
Over the last few months we have been testing our new hardware, launcher, airframe and autopilot.  As the newest member of the team I've been taking responsibility for producing some new videos - the acquisition of a GoPro HD has resulted in some…
Jul 27, 2011
Shaw Innes posted a discussion
I'm interested in producing DEM or pointcloud maps from aerial photos from a UAV.Just wondering if anyone knows of a resource we I can obtain sample photos from aerial platforms so I can look at the software side of things.I'm hoping to implement…
Apr 21, 2011
Shaw Innes commented on Bask Aerospace's blog post New Australian Distributor
"Thats awesome :) Good luck. Would you be looking to stock XBee modules and boards also? I think the "one stop shop" in Australia would be great.

I love the site design too, very clean and usable."
Apr 13, 2011
Shaw Innes posted a discussion
Has anyone done any HIL simulation with Microsoft Flight Simulator?
Apr 4, 2011
Shaw Innes commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Restarting the DIY Drones podcast: Volunteers needed
"I really mss the podcssts too. I would love to volunteer but I'm in Australia so the timezones might be messy. I've got audio production experience and software though, so I wouldn't mind helping out with that if required."
Apr 1, 2011
Shaw Innes replied to Allan Harley's discussion aileron servo goes mad
"I don't know if this is related or not, but I'm having an issue with mine at the moment too. When in manual mode I am unable to control the ailerons but if I switch to stabilize it seems to control them fine.

It may or may not be related, and as…"
Feb 8, 2011
Shaw Innes commented on Ritchie's blog post Choosing an airframe
"I was thinking of making a web based thing like this. Do you think it would be used by the masses to form a comprehensive database?"
Feb 2, 2011