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Hi All,


My company Bask Aerospace has just recently become a DIY Drones Distributor in Australia. We have a brand spanking new website (www.baskindustries.com/aerospace) which we think is pretty cool.

Along with all the usual DIY Drones products, we have created a range of RTF (Ready-to-Fly) solutions (AeroPilot) that we hope will meet the needs of a broad range of people.




We would love you to head on over to our site, check it out (buy some stuff if you need it :) ) and post a comment below letting us know what you think. Any and all feedback is welcome.


My company (and myself) has a strong background in software development and engineering. We have some big things planned for the future of UAVs and I personally think DIY Drones is a fantastic community (who have helped me a lot... and I mean a lot)

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  • Distributor
    Thanks for all the great comments guys. We really appreciate it!

    Thanks for the heads up about those products but we are going to try and stick with more specific UAV Products (such as UAVs, Autopilots, etc.)

    We ship world wide! I'm sorry to hear that one of our forms crashed on you, not sure which one but I would love to know.

    Thanks! You were right. All fixed now (I hope)

    @Shaw Innes
    We are looking into stocking XBee. (Watch this space)

    @Everyone else
  • Thats awesome :) Good luck. Would you be looking to stock XBee modules and boards also? I think the "one stop shop" in Australia would be great.

    I love the site design too, very clean and usable.
  • Not rushing to buy anything here....I have found no advantage in buying from local Aus suppliers. If you do your research you can even save on shipping.

    Oh well here is yet another snout in the troth.

  • Admin
    Nice Site , Glad to see yet another active contributor to the community. Congrats and good luck.
  • 3D Robotics
    Welcome to the family! Love the enclosure--that's a great way to package it.
  • Hi david,

    I think youve got a mistake in your orca x70 weight spec.


  • T3
    Any chance you'll ship to the U.S.? I tried to fill out a form and it just crashed on me so I couldn't get anything. I'm interested in the APM setup as they are out here in the states.
  • Looks great, I do find it hard obtaining parts in Australia from overseas. I can give you a list of stuff I've found hard to find, but I suppose it will be slightly different from regular lists as it is mainly for airships:
    Mylar Foil (Could only find on eBay)
    Polyurethane Sheets (Still unaccounted for)
    Ultra Hi-Float (Could only find on eBay)
    Axles and Pinion Gears (Still unaccounted for)
    Scorpion Motors (FXPlane is closing, no other australian suppliers that have a suitable ecommerce site)
    APC Propellers (Same as scorpion motors)
    Panasonic NCR18650 LiPo Batteries (Could only find on eBay)
    Evergreen Solar Cells (Could only find on eBay)
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