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Inspired by the Parrott A.R. Drone and the possibilities of Arduino

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narwhal commented on Joshua Ott's blog post Falcon Drone joins the hunt for rhino poachers in South Africa
"Does anyone know how to get involved in schemes like this?"
May 28, 2013
narwhal commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Lego Mindstorms blimp drone
"What new sensor technology will you be using in the Blimpduino?"
Feb 3, 2013
narwhal commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Mapping with the Parrot AR.Drones and Autodesk 123D
"So does Autodesk 123D process the images locally or does it upload to the cloud? Does anyone know how long it takes to process a given amount of images?"
Jan 9, 2013
narwhal commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Synthetic aperture radar for $360
"Given that this is easy to create, are there off-the-shelf versions? Could this be used for Sense and Avoid with other aircraft?"
Dec 18, 2012
narwhal posted a blog post
I just caught the Foreign Correspondent documentary on Drones, Rise of the machines, and I have to say it was quite balanced, it presented all the issues currently surrounding civilian UAVs quite well. It features Chris Anderson and Team…
Sep 4, 2012
narwhal replied to Neal's discussion Hackaday.com putting weapons on AR Drone
"What are you worried about here exactly? Is it:
1) He's going to use the weaponised drone to wreak havoc?
- I doubt that, if that was the case he wouldn't be documenting it.
2) He's going to incite fear into the publics perception of UAVs?
Aug 24, 2012
narwhal commented on narwhal's blog post Software Defined Radio
"@Monroe: Do you have a website for team prometheus? Amateur LEO satellites is something I would be very interested in"
Jul 8, 2012
narwhal posted a blog post
Recently Ars Technica did a piece on software defined radio, using the Phi product as a centre piece, it got me thinking about its applications for drones.Software defined radio basically allows people to write programs which interact with radio…
Jul 8, 2012
narwhal commented on Matthew Schroyer's blog post A code of ethics for drone journalism
"A code of ethics seems rather redundant in a profession so cut throat as journalism. You'll notice that the Paparazzi have no problem acting unethically if they can get the money shot."
Jul 3, 2012
narwhal commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Remember SPOT? It's still around and can be used for sat comms!
"Do you know if Iridium have something similar? (And preferably duplex)"
Apr 20, 2012
narwhal commented on Edwin Hayes's blog post PhD Scholarship Offering - Machine Vision UAS Navigation
"Could I get more information?"
Mar 5, 2012
narwhal commented on mohammed's blog post Controlling via satellite
"Satellite modems can be tiny, but size isn't the issue, expensive satellite networks are"
Feb 29, 2012
narwhal commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Follow the progress of the Wave Glider UUVs on Google Earth
"How will they be transmitting data back from across the ocean?"
Nov 18, 2011
narwhal commented on narwhal's blog post Dynamic Density Airship Concept
"The wings are simply fold away, they don't represent the amount of buoyant force displaced. If you look closely (although I'll admit the video doesn't display this as well as it could have) the envelope itself is changing shape by being pulled in.…"
Oct 25, 2011
narwhal commented on narwhal's blog post Dynamic Density Airship Concept
"The volume alteration is done by changing the shape of the envelope using nylon string and some internal motors. The envelope material is currently mylar and polyurethane combined together, but I might strengthen that with further testing."
Oct 25, 2011
narwhal posted a blog post
This is an airship I designed for the UAVForge competition, it takes advantage of its ability to alter its volume (and thus its density) to take off and land. It is 6 ft long, however folds down into a rucksack. Some interesting technology I am…
Oct 24, 2011