Hackaday.com putting weapons on AR Drone

Over on the ARDrone-Flyers forum, Caleb Kraft from Hackaday.com has a thread where he's talking about the upcoming project he's working on for their tutorials.  His aim is to weaponize the AR Drone by adding fireworks, airsoft guns, flame throwers, a tazer hooked to the perimeter ring, high powered lasers for burning, and a few more things he has said.

Seems like he's just out to ruin it for everyone.  I've tried to post and explain to him how terribly wrong it is for him to make a how-to article to put weapons on a sUAS, especially on a site with so much coverage, but they don't see how it's any big deal.

Anyone here think they could help explain to them why this is not something they should do?

Link to thread:


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  • Good post!

  • What are you worried about here exactly? Is it:

    1) He's going to use the weaponised drone to wreak havoc?

    - I doubt that, if that was the case he wouldn't be documenting it.

    2) He's going to incite fear into the publics perception of UAVs?

    - Ignorance is never an excuse for censorship.

    3) He's going to incite lawmakers into tightening UAV restrictions?

    - Then its the lawmakers you should be worried about. Not doing an activity that harms no one because 'lawman might get the wrong impression' is just playing into their ignorance.

    EDIT: Have you seen what else is on hackaday? Cruise missiles for one, this is mild in comparison.

  • I don't see why we should identify us with them, any more then e.g. with people who are also driving cars, (supposing most of us do).

    If You fear they might do something dangerous or illegal - call the police and let them decide. Like in any such matters.

    I am tired of this "help it's a drone" thing. It is only an item, like other items, can be used or abused.
  • What we do is known at many levels.  The AMA, FCC and FAA are all involved with the future of Home made drones.

    Thats just a bad idea!   Right now AMA members are curious and tolerant that our hobby doesnt involke legislation that hinders their rights flying RC airplanes.

  • Moderator

    I know, I know; We shouldn't do this stuff, however much fun it might be. But, think of the benefit it could serve having this type of thing documented. People are going to do what they do. If little Billy's parents are doing their job and keeping an eye on his activities, this Hackaday posting can tip them off to little Billy's interests and offer them the foresight to steer him in a productive direction. Information should never, ever be restrained. The more you know the better. Believe me, I do understand what regulation could come of this or similar, but we as a people need to be the ones regulating based on our knowledge. The less we know, the more power we put in the hands of the regulators.

    Sorry dude- I have to speak my mind here. :)  Knowledge is power. It is up to the individual use it responsibly.

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