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Tooling Designer by trade, experienced in Pro-E design software (3D mechanical modeling), grown up with r/c and robotics as hobbies.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Started with AR Drone, began modding, then got an EasyStar and put a GoPro on it with a video transmitter, Cyclops OSD, and I was hooked. Currently working on Sky Surfer for FPV / aerial footage. Quadshot is pre-ordered.



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Neal replied to Neal's discussion Hackaday.com putting weapons on AR Drone
"I recently did my part in getting a guy to take down and cover traces of a youtube video he posted (that I was the 4th viewer of, and he took it down right after my communication with him) that, well, let's say it was bad and would have reflected…"
Mar 15, 2013
Neal replied to Neal's discussion Hackaday.com putting weapons on AR Drone
"Okay, I just thought I'd post this because it looked like something with the potential of giving this hobby a big black eye.  Something maybe other people would chime in and try to convince that guy not to pursue his endeavors to weaponize a model…"
Aug 28, 2012
Neal posted a discussion
Over on the ARDrone-Flyers forum, Caleb Kraft from Hackaday.com has a thread where he's talking about the upcoming project he's working on for their tutorials.  His aim is to weaponize the AR Drone by adding fireworks, airsoft guns, flame throwers,…
Aug 24, 2012
Neal replied to Neal's discussion ProJet 98" Reaper - making it usable
"Apparently I need to stay away from the "enter" button as it submits the message you are just starting to type...

I am looking at building my third aircraft, and will be moving from FPV into UAS.  I have a Feiyu FY31AP arriving tomorrow, and for…"
May 15, 2012
Neal posted a discussion
May 15, 2012