Hackaday.com putting weapons on AR Drone

Over on the ARDrone-Flyers forum, Caleb Kraft from Hackaday.com has a thread where he's talking about the upcoming project he's working on for their tutorials.  His aim is to weaponize the AR Drone by adding fireworks, airsoft guns, flame throwers, a tazer hooked to the perimeter ring, high powered lasers for burning, and a few more things he has said.

Seems like he's just out to ruin it for everyone.  I've tried to post and explain to him how terribly wrong it is for him to make a how-to article to put weapons on a sUAS, especially on a site with so much coverage, but they don't see how it's any big deal.

Anyone here think they could help explain to them why this is not something they should do?

Link to thread:


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    This just goes to show that the ignorant among us will destroy it for the rest of us.


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  • this guy is gonna bring attention to the site and get unmanned drones banned we need to destroy his ignorant exploit because allthoa he wont do it red flags will be poppin up at the nsa,this dude is stupid
  • I recently did my part in getting a guy to take down and cover traces of a youtube video he posted (that I was the 4th viewer of, and he took it down right after my communication with him) that, well, let's say it was bad and would have reflected negatively on this hobby.  It was in Taiwan, but I think the footage would have made the US news, on the heels of the whole JFK airport near-miss.  Somebody thinking something they were doing was cool... when in reality it was incredibly dangerous and stupid and... enough about it already!  Done over gone.  I've met my "save the hobby" quota for the year, that's all I'm jokingly saying.

  • Ok tazers and flame throwers are definitely in the "don't try this at home" category, but an airsoft gun on an ar-drone (with the indoor hull), that's awesome!!! Someone tell the ar-drone marketing dept!

  • What is this guy's email?  Post it here.  I'll be happy to send him a message.

    Personally, I'm really disappointed in the quality and intelligence of the people we have posting in this thread.  They really should be weeded out by Darwinian evolution, but they seem to be more than effective at spurring on the sort of regulation that deflects evolution in the opposite direction.

    If this guy was flying in my town I'm sure we could have lots of fun.  But if he started drawing the heat, like he is, I would kick the crap out of him in an instant and break all his toys.

    This is the guy that wants to ruin your party by screaming and hollering while staggering around out on the lawn.  In a perfect world we could just ignore him, but in the real world he draws the heat and everybody loses their right to party.   

  • Why the FUD and trolling? They're just out to have some innocent fun.

  • Okay, I just thought I'd post this because it looked like something with the potential of giving this hobby a big black eye.  Something maybe other people would chime in and try to convince that guy not to pursue his endeavors to weaponize a model aircraft.  I wasn't seeking to publicize it, and I don't think I really did, since the only people here reading this are probably people who already know about this stuff and would care about this hobby.  That guy putting together a tutorial which he's putting on his more broad-public website Hackaday, that's the negative exposure I'm concerned about.

    But apparently I'm wrong and we shouldn't care if somebody wants to strap weapons and explosives onto an sUAS (technically the AR Drone is one, as it is practically impossible to meet AMA rules due to its FPV gear and lack of a buddy-box setup).  I'm not looking forward to when they show people step by step how to launch fireworks from one... that's just something that shouldn't be an easy tutorial, since to get it figured out yourself typically requires the same mind that could know why not to do that, or to at least do it safely.

  • 100KM

    And by posting it here, on a very popular drone forum, you give him even lots more coverage !  And in the end, coverage is what it's all about.  If nobody could care less about his project, he would probably soon abandon it.  Nobody posts a howto for plumbing your toilet, cause nobody gives a damn except the plumber.

    I hadn't heard of it, though I've fitted fireworks to my hexa also in the past.  Thanks for the link !

  • What a douche
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