Brookvale, NSW

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FPV planes and now quads.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I bought APM2 to get RTH and loiter for my FPV plane. I'm thinking of moving it to my quad for position hold. Maybe I need a second one? lol


Sydney, Brookvale

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Eddie Furey replied to Iman's discussion Hobby King Ardupilot in ArduPlane User Group
"I agree with Jay. Hobbyking are great for their cheap prices, and if you're flying around a park you can risk the occasional malfunctioning servo. I'm not sure I would fly a UAV out of sight trusting Hobbyking's quality control to bring it back?…"
May 21, 2013
Eddie Furey left a comment on Australia
"A Sydney group would be good, I'd join too."
May 15, 2013
Eddie Furey replied to Warren Purnell's discussion MR4 Discussion in Australia
"Could you post some pics and a link to it's website? Maybe some specs and pricing info?"
Apr 26, 2013
Eddie Furey replied to Andrew Helgeson's discussion Nav light positions? in Australia
"I think the best idea is not to fly under the approach path. If you insist on breaking the law by doing so then having no lights would probably be less confusing for the full size aircraft. CASA regulations say no model aircraft within 3nm (5km) of…"
Apr 20, 2013
Eddie Furey replied to kevin's discussion Need Advise PLS!!!! in ArduPlane User Group
"From my personal experience, the mediatek GPS works fine as long as you keep it away from the other electronics, especially cameras. I have mine about 10cm out on one wing and never have any problems.
Airspeed sensor is nice, but I find that having…"
Apr 20, 2013
Eddie Furey replied to Steven G's discussion Bench Testing Fail Safe
"I'm sure the Dev Team can give you a better answer, but basically you can't test the motor speed on the ground.

As long as you have a GPS lock you should be able to see the APM switch to RTL mode on the ground (I think), but to "test" the motor…"
Nov 15, 2012
Eddie Furey replied to Mike Mac's discussion Left Hand Loiter
"There's an open request for that feature. Vote for it. :)"
Oct 9, 2012
Eddie Furey replied to Dean Roczen's discussion NEWBIE choosing a tx/rx for Quadcopter
"I'm a Turnigy 9x fan, but you have to do the upgrades. If you're wanting something you can just take out of the box and use then don't get the Turnigy."
Sep 10, 2012
Eddie Furey replied to Gábor Zoltán's discussion Adding extra functions to MinimOSD
"I thought of another nice panel today. mah used.

osd_batt_mahused_A = osd_batt_mahused_A + (osd_curr_A * 0.0000027777777777771 * (millis() - osd_batt_update_time));
osd_batt_update_time = millis();

I need to…"
Sep 3, 2012
Eddie Furey replied to Neal's discussion Hackaday.com putting weapons on AR Drone
"Ok tazers and flame throwers are definitely in the "don't try this at home" category, but an airsoft gun on an ar-drone (with the indoor hull), that's awesome!!! Someone tell the ar-drone marketing dept!"
Aug 31, 2012
Eddie Furey replied to Peter Chaffe's discussion arducam osd config tool source
You need some version of svn to download it. TortiseSVN was recommended to me and works well.

Come join us in the "Adding Extra Features to MinimOSD" thread. :)"
Aug 30, 2012
Eddie Furey replied to Rick Eis's discussion throttle issue ~ 1 notch up & 1 notch down
"I'm going to guess that the answer lies in the size of a 'notch'.
A control channel has roughly 1000 steps, ranging from 1000 to 2000. The upper and lower limits vary with each controller, but 1000 is a rough average. Roughly in the middle is the…"
Aug 28, 2012
Eddie Furey replied to Christiaan van Vollenstee's discussion A neat way of connecting the OSD, camera and Video Telemetry
"My first question is; what video transmitter are you using?

My wiring diagram (if you will excuse me writing a diagram) is...

3S battery positive connects to camera power and minimOSD video-in V+
MinimOSD video-out V+ connects to video…"
Aug 28, 2012
Eddie Furey replied to Stephen Gloor's discussion Mode1 V Mode 2 Radio Assignments
"James is right. I fly mode 3 (also in Australia) and it's the channels that APM cares about, not how the channels are controlled. Throttle is always channel 3, aileron is always channel 1, regardless of which mode your transmitter is. For the sake…"
Aug 28, 2012
Eddie Furey replied to Gábor Zoltán's discussion Adding extra functions to MinimOSD
"Gabor, Pedro and Burt,

There are a few redundant things I've noticed while coding the OSD. Things like warnings turn the OSD on, because the warnings used to be inside the panel list. Once I moved them out of the osd_on if statement then there was…"
Aug 27, 2012
Eddie Furey replied to Gábor Zoltán's discussion Adding extra functions to MinimOSD

Do we have software for editing the character files? I think we need to create an RSSI icon for Burt's RSSI display. It also needs adding to the config tool. I started looking in to that today, although Pedro seems to have done a lot of work…"
Aug 27, 2012