Just starting out in getting a APM into the air however I have run into a question.  I fly Mode 1 with the throttle on the right hand stick and the pitch on the left.  APM seems to be setup for Mode 2 which most of the USA flies (I am in Australia).

Is it possible to setup APM for Mode 1 or do I have to learn to fly again :-)

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The mode of the transmitter is irrelevant for APM. The throttle signal produced is the same regardless of which mode is used. The mode really just refers to the physical position of the throttle stick on your transmitter, but has no impact on what the receiver in the plane sees.


BTW - I use Mode 1 with APM.


Thank you for your very pr

James is right. I fly mode 3 (also in Australia) and it's the channels that APM cares about, not how the channels are controlled. Throttle is always channel 3, aileron is always channel 1, regardless of which mode your transmitter is. For the sake of completeness... elevator is ch 2 and rudder is ch 4.

Of course if you did some weird mix on your transmitter and made throttle channel 1 and aileron channel 3 then APM would get very confused. :)

Throttle = ch. 3 is the Futaba standard.

JR/Spektrum for example has a different channel order (throttle = ch.1), to make sure something simple is made complicated...

My Turnigy 9X is exactly that so all is good.  How did you start Mode 3?  I started on two channel, two stick transmitters so that is why I am Mode 1.

My reply got chopped for some reason.

I meant to say thanks for the prompt reply.  I is good to know that you fly mode 1 with APM - I can go ahead and order with confidence.

I started with 2ch 2 stick, but I always wanted Ail and Ele on the same stick. That is more like a real planes controls. So when I got my Turnigy 9x I set it up as mode 3. I'd have used mode 2 but I'm left handed so mode 3 seemed more natural.

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