throttle issue ~ 1 notch up & 1 notch down

So what is the answer? ~ It seems like most of the quads I have built ~ no matter what motor or configuration - I run into this same situation ~ And I have read others having the same problem ~  

1 notch on the throttle the quad goes up ~ and one notch down ...the quad goes down !

Maybe the answer has been written about ..... I have not found it yet ~ can someone point me to the solution?

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  • Developer

    Hi Rick,

    I found the throttle very sensitive in Stabilize mode too and the way I addressed it was to adjust the center point of my throttle throw to be at hover then added expo. It was like night and day for me.

    I also asked about the throttle control loops in my blog here.

    I think you want Alt Hold.

  • I'm going to guess that the answer lies in the size of a 'notch'.

    A control channel has roughly 1000 steps, ranging from 1000 to 2000. The upper and lower limits vary with each controller, but 1000 is a rough average. Roughly in the middle is the mid-point that is (roughly) 1500. I'm guessing that one 'notch' of your throttle trim changes your throttle midpoint by more than 1 step.

    Copter guys feel free to jump in here, I have a plane so I'm partly just guessing

    In any case, APM should keep your copter level when your throttle is set at it's mid point. It doesn't really matter if the midpoint is 1470 or 1550, as long as the APM software knows where you think it is.

    Go to the mission planner, have a look at the value for your throttle channel in the Radio Calibration tab. Then find the parameters section and set your channel 2 mid point to the same value as you saw in the radio config panel.

    I looked up the ArduCopter wiki and the copter doesn't seem to have the same raw parameters tab that ArduPlane has, so I hope this helps some how. :)

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