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Just a rural tech head, not much to do up here!

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Andrew Helgeson posted a discussion in Australia
Besides wing tip green and red lights, a forward facing white light on the vertical stabiliser, where do the anti-collision lights go?I live under the main approach path to Adelaide airport (groan) and I've been taking photo's at night of light…
Feb 20, 2013
Andrew Helgeson left a comment on Australia
"Easy answer there Jean-Baptiste, Australia has the highest per capita uptake of technology.
Wide open spaces, low population density make it a great place to fly UAV's or FPV.
Australia has always been at the forefront of inovation."
Feb 16, 2013
Andrew Helgeson commented on Alan Kharsansky's blog post Quadrotor Flight computer FLCv2p0
"this is really cool!

great work!"
Feb 15, 2013
Andrew Helgeson commented on Andrew Helgeson's blog post My new UGV in alpha
"It's a lot faster with wheels with better ground clearance.
GPS speed is around 4-5kmh.
The 6 way battery is a joke, you need way more current, each motor has a 2.5A stall current, getting the rover to move at anything less than 40-50% PWM just wont…"
Feb 13, 2013
Andrew Helgeson left a comment on Australia
"I think the issue here is just plain ignorance.

These people have never seen a "toy" aircraft with a 2 metre + wingspan before!
I was cutting out ribs for another two wings for a total span of 4 metres and suggestion it would be better as a biplane…"
Feb 6, 2013
Andrew Helgeson left a comment on Australia
"Thats what I thought.

Basically common sense and good building practices.

Seriously, if most model flyers had seen what, where and how the ArParrot was being flown they would have been horrified.
I know I was.

These are the <expletive> guys…"
Feb 6, 2013
Andrew Helgeson left a comment on Australia
I was discussing my UAV on the local HackerSpace facebook page and got asked,
"Do I have a drone operators license?"

This is the doc I got sent

How much of this applies to…"
Feb 5, 2013
Andrew Helgeson commented on Andrew Helgeson's blog post My new UGV in alpha
"It has 4 motors, this might have influenced me a bit!

In the video it is being controlled with a 2 channel Sparkfun Monster Motor Shield.
Because it does have any suspension besides the wheels, just like the loader, if one wheel looses contact…"
Mar 11, 2012
Andrew Helgeson posted a blog post
This is what I've done to my Dagu Rover 5!As it comes out of the box.I was shipped the 4 motor version.I live out here in the "boonies", so I get to talk to guys that use and maintain earth moving equipment.There is even a guy that restores old…
Mar 10, 2012
Andrew Helgeson replied to Jason Tinacci's discussion Sonar help needed
"Are you using the sonar for altitude or collision avoidance?
If you are sending out sonar "pings" horizontally, the prop "down wash" is going to screw with your ranging, the faster the air flow across the sonar path, the further away an obstacle…"
Mar 10, 2012
Andrew Helgeson posted photos
Jul 12, 2009
Andrew Helgeson replied to Gary Mortimer's discussion Cracking Link, high altitude glider/balloon
"Thanks for posting that link!
That is way cool!
Have you seen some of the recent projects where people send up balloons to 75,000+ feet?
Great video footage on youtube!"
May 14, 2009
Andrew Helgeson replied to john the welder's discussion 50%scale (how do you scale down a design?)
"With the obvious stress points, wing roots and spars, engine mounts, landing gear mounts, think about how much abuse it will have to cope with.
The other thing you have to take into account is tailplane area, I have found this out the hard way.…"
May 14, 2009
Andrew Helgeson replied to Kevin L.'s discussion Strobe Light for UAVs
"If you know someone at a fotolab, see if you can score a couple of those cheapy disposable cameras with built in flash.
They run off 3V. Just trigger when the "Ready" light comes on.
It's cheap and nasty but works.
I've used them on hot air balloons…"
May 14, 2009
Andrew Helgeson replied to Thomas J Coyle III's discussion The Raven Drone
"Have a look at my photo's.
My plane is a lot like this one.
My prototype was 1/4 the size, about 320mm long, 150 mm high, 40mm wide, large horizontal and vertical stabilisers, no controls, just a "chuck" glider and it was very stable. I got good…"
May 14, 2009
Andrew Helgeson commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Using a mouse chip to measure optical flow
"Keeping it real simple, use a slit with a couple of photo detectors, 1 slit/axis.
Its the way PIR motion sensors used to be made, before they went to the fancy fresnel lens.
I started experimenting with this technique on the bench, watching the…"
May 14, 2009