Napa, CA

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Professional photographer in Napa Valley. View my work at www.tinacciphoto.com

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Interested in a stable solution for aerial photography and video.

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Jason Tinacci commented on Vince Hogg's blog post Finally I have a good UAV ground station.
"Great rig, Vince. May I ask how you get the video feed from the Sony NEX? I have a hex with a Sony as well as separate FPV cam I use primarily for framing shots. It'd be great to just see it from the source cam. Thanks"
Mar 4, 2014
Jason Tinacci replied to jjohow's discussion After Calibration Motors keep beeping!
I had a similar problem and I second what Richard said. You may want to follow the instructions for calibrating the ESCs one at a time. That was the only thing that worked for me.
Mar 11, 2013
Jason Tinacci replied to Patrick Ziegler's discussion Hi All... Newbie looking for direction...
"Hi Patrick and welcome!
Let me say that as a pro photographer it's been really rewarding to shoot from a new perspective. Of course, I'm only using my images for personal use as the FAA doesn't permit commercial use of drones - if you're in the US.…"
Mar 8, 2013
Jason Tinacci commented on Sgt Ric's photo
"No cup holder??? :)"
Mar 4, 2013
Jason Tinacci posted a discussion
Wondering if anyone has experience with the ZenMuse "style" gimbal from CopterFrames.com?http://www.copterframes.com/index.php?route=common/homeComponents and build on par or cheap knock-off?
Mar 4, 2013
Jason Tinacci replied to Jason Tinacci's discussion Install previous firmware
"Thanks for the replies. The one that ended up working for me was the one that started with "bb5ee0e..." Not sure why it's different from yours Thomas. Actually, I had to try a couple of others like "320cab..." and "76ff.." - they showed 2.8.1…"
Mar 3, 2013
Jason Tinacci posted a discussion
Hi all,I'm running 2.9.1 on an APM 1 board and since updating my stock quad has not been the same. Thanks to Randy's help, we've determined that the new code doesn't play well with the older chipset. I'd like to reinstall v2.8.1 since I my quad…
Mar 2, 2013
Jason Tinacci replied to Quinn McLaughlin's discussion DSLR control from ArduCopter
"Hi Quinn,
If the camera mount looks something like this one, I'd pass.

I purchased it with my 3dr and it's pretty rickety. Definitely won't hold a DSLR or any cam wider than 4". The Canon G11 was really pushing it and I've since replaced it with an…"
Feb 28, 2013
Jason Tinacci replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.9 / 2.9.1 released
"Looking for a bit of help with 2 issues after updating...
Issue 1:I upgraded my standard 3dr quad to 2.9.1 and all went fine until it came time to calibrate my radio (DX8). As this video shows the values from my radio bounce around slightly even…"
Feb 13, 2013
Jason Tinacci commented on Jason Tinacci's blog post Above Napa Valley
"I'm blown away by and really grateful for the conversation that's taken place on this post. And here I just thought I was posting a pretty picture. 
As I mentioned earlier, the point and shoot camera I used for this image isn't of the caliber for my…"
May 22, 2012
Jason Tinacci commented on Jason Tinacci's blog post Above Napa Valley
I too, have wondered how some of the aerial production companies that are providing commercial work are able to do it. Are they simply tempting fate?! Sounds like it.
When I was looking into a system to build and learn for the sake of aerial…"
May 21, 2012
Jason Tinacci commented on Jason Tinacci's blog post Above Napa Valley
"Seth, Looks like I posted just as your reply was in queue so you certainly provided an answer to my questions about selling aerial photos for stock use. I should have perhaps qualified my statement about being "familiar" with the regulation because…"
May 21, 2012
Jason Tinacci commented on Jason Tinacci's blog post Above Napa Valley
Thanks for the info. I am familiar with the restriction and I can see how my post may have seemed commercial in nature, especially by tagging on my business info. As Greg clarified, I was just referring to having friends on the inside that…"
May 21, 2012
Jason Tinacci commented on Jason Tinacci's blog post Above Napa Valley
"Jack, very true! I'm very fortunate to have several friends and clients in the industry who permit me to fly on their properties. That said, there are also some amazing locations accessible from the road but I'm not a believer in it being easier to…"
May 21, 2012
Jason Tinacci posted a blog post
It really takes very little to become hooked on all this UAV stuff... Of course the learning curve for a complete and utter noob such as myself has been immense, but the payoff has been equally so. Being able to send my stock 3DR soaring above a…
May 21, 2012
Jason Tinacci replied to Rui Manuel Cravo Marques's discussion ArduCopter Configurations and Settings for beginners !
"Hi Rui, 
Any news on updated standard PIDs for the standard 3DR quad? There have been several releases since the last param file was posted in the wiki back in February?
May 15, 2012