Finally I have a good UAV ground station.

Having completed many UAV filming jobs from locations without vehicle access I was looking to improve the logistics of getting the equipment on site. I have occasionally left some vital components in the car 2km away I wanted to have everything (except the copter) in one box.

An old golf caddy was shortened to allow it to stand more upright and modified to allow the toolbox to clip on. The tray clips onto the handle with 28mm pipe clips.

I am using a 12v 7Ah PB to power a TFT screen, Nexus7 tablet and VRX. The weight of this battery makes the base very stable. The video feed is repeated in the fatshark goggles.

The octa arms fold and it can be carried on top of the box, leaving one hand free.

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  • Jason, sorry for delay, just changing jobs so very busy on courses etc.

    I bought one of those ebay hdmi to AV converter boxes like this.

    just dump the box and unsolder the big coax connectors and its becomes quite small and light.

    its the thing wrapped in greed tape in this pic.

    3692886638?profile=originalThen use a video switcher to select inputs, like this.

    I also found a thin flexible mini HDME to HDMI cable on ebay but i cant find it again now..

    Hope that helps.

  • Great rig, Vince. May I ask how you get the video feed from the Sony NEX? I have a hex with a Sony as well as separate FPV cam I use primarily for framing shots. It'd be great to just see it from the source cam. Thanks

  • Thats a good idea.

  • I love big red buttons.

  • Yea, decided up upgrade after the worries regarding octa layout APM code overhead. Seems that is fixed anyway but I had already ordered a taranis to be sbus capable. Wish I didn't have to press that bloody button. Anyone know if it can be disabled?

  • Oh, I thought you were with the APM.

    Well, It seems like a good thing, having one more

    button to press before taking off.


  • Gill, its a pixhawk thing. 

  • Hi Vince,

    As born lever-puller and button-pusher, I was hoping you could elaborated

    about the little red button on the top of the copter that gets pushed @ 3:20.

    I have been away for a while but can't recall ever pushing things after

    connecting the LiPos, besides arming via the Tx.

    Cheers - Love your builds!!!


  • Just wait until you get an antenna tracker.

  • Very, very nice! I have an old golf bag cart I was going to modify to haul my sea kayak, but now I am having second thoughts! :-)

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