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jjohow commented on Dan Kanes's blog post Paralinx Demonstrates "Tomahawk" Long Range Wireless HD FPV in Los Angeles November 23, 2013 + Free Tacos!
"Hi there! Anything known about the range?

Dec 9, 2013
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Mar 11, 2013
jjohow posted a discussion
Hi there!Today I mounted strong motors on my DJI 450 flame wheel: 2838 /1080KV - 280W with 11x5 carbon props. I am very happy with the flight-performance except for the slow oscillations in hight. When I keep throttle at a certain point, the copter…
Jan 28, 2013
jjohow posted a discussion
Hi there,I have a Graupner MX-20 which supports PPM-sum on Ch8. I wanted to get rid of too many cables on my RX. So I changed to PPM. I did it like shown in the Wiki, bridged signal Pins 2+3 on my APM2.5 and fed the PPM-Sum to Ch1.In the mission…
Jan 27, 2013
jjohow posted a discussion
Hi there,the follwing problem occures with my little DJI 450, APM2 (2.8.1) quad:I have my throttle spring loaded, when I let go of my throttle stick it is on 50% - but the copter does not even nearly hover - it sinks to the ground pretty fast. I…
Oct 28, 2012
jjohow posted a discussion
Hello, I just loaded the 2.8.1 firmware on my DJI 450, 2826 1000kv, 9-5" Graupner e-props APM2 quad and noticed that it has a very nervous fight behavior. Of course I had the same thing on earlier firmwares but now I think it's time to do something…
Oct 23, 2012
jjohow posted a discussion
Hi there!Yesterday I had lots of fun flying my DJI 450 quad with the APM2.I programmed a 5-waypoint course. All waypoints set to 20m alt and "waypoint" except for the 5th - I set alt to 0 and chose "LAND" in the pulldown menue because I wanted the…
Oct 15, 2012
jjohow commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post Successful Auto Takeoff!
"Hi there!
This might sound funny now - but what is so new and special about auto takeoff and landing?
I simply add the autotakeoff and landing command at the beginning and end and this is it.
As soon as I switch to AUTO, the motor kicks in and I…"
Feb 28, 2012
jjohow posted a discussion
Hi,I think there are multiple ways how to find the CG of a quad-copter.How do you do it?I haven't come across a satisfying solution.Merry Christmas every1Joerg
Dec 24, 2011
jjohow posted a discussion
Hello,here's something I don't understand: In the RC setup wiki it is recommended to use Ch 5 for the mode switch. But for the 2-axis gimbal there is also Ch 5 reserved for one axis. I tested the gimbal - it works.The 3-position switch works also…
Dec 20, 2011
jjohow posted a discussion
Hi there,today I went out to test the new 2.1 Arducopter firmware and was surprised, when all 4 ESCs made the motors beep on start-up,  (like beep-beep-beep... twice a second) therefore no spinning motors and no flying. :(I went back home -…
Dec 19, 2011
jjohow posted a discussion
Hi there!Whats the best 20-30amp ESC for my new DIY quadcopter Project?From what I learned, it needs to be "fast" in terms of Mhz updating.Thanks for your helpJoerg
Dec 18, 2011
jjohow replied to Ruwan's discussion Frame Assembly : Possible Error in the documentation of 3DRobotics?
"The 3DR documentation is really confusing!
No matter how the orientation of the PDB is. Just stick to the wire colors! I fumbled around in Photoshop a bit:
But what I really hated about the documentation: it wants you to feed the motor cables thru…"
Dec 16, 2011
jjohow replied to jjohow's discussion Strange behaviour after crash :(
"Thanks for the quick response,

I removed the props,  and balanced the motors. Now there is hardly any vibration in the system. (I did fly before with really bad props and vibration, but I never had problems.)
Anyway - What else I did until now:…"
Dec 13, 2011
jjohow posted a discussion
Hi there!my 3DRobotics Arducopter with APM crashed yesterday. Nothing broke at first sight (two props died) but now it's doing strange things. When I try to lift off it leans stangely to one side. I can get it in the air but it floats around like…
Dec 13, 2011
jjohow posted a discussion
Hi there,I'm a real newbie, managed to get my stock 3DRobotics quadcopter APM finished yesterday and did some tests today.Two questions for now:the copter was flying quit well except for a wobbling that occurs on (even not so very fast) descends.…
Dec 10, 2011