Above Napa Valley


It really takes very little to become hooked on all this UAV stuff... Of course the learning curve for a complete and utter noob such as myself has been immense, but the payoff has been equally so. Being able to send my stock 3DR soaring above a sun-baked vineyard and have it return with a treasure trove of images including one like this, make all the time, frustration and money completely worth it!

Thanks to all of the developers, testers and enthusiasts that are making this possible. I'm looking forward to my continued education in the world of UAVs and upgrading my gear soon to be able to send my pro gear soaring. 


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  • @ Seth,

    I don't believe he was flying commercially. He meant friends and clients in the wine industry. They are not paying him for photo's, they are letting him fly over their vineyards.

  • Jason,

    Be aware that at this time the commercial operation of UAS in the US is not permitted by the FAA. For more info see the FAA's Unmanned Aircraft Program Office website. Commercial operations regs may be a couple years down the road, but they are coming...

  • Jack, very true! I'm very fortunate to have several friends and clients in the industry who permit me to fly on their properties. That said, there are also some amazing locations accessible from the road but I'm not a believer in it being easier to beg for forgiveness than ask permission :)

    Mark, I used a Canon S95 loaded with CHDK running an Intervalometer script. Previously, I was flying with a Canon G11 but at more than double the weight, it caused my quad to work really hard and swish around. 

  • Moderator

    Beautiful!  What camera did you use?

  • It's very hard to find any place to fly, since all the land is used for production. 

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