Sim photo 49

Our college has 3 Simulators.

I took one over.

This is better than my headplay goggles... and much more comfortable.

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  • Dang, I need one of those!

    D M Ealr ll

  • Absolutely no worlds, it was my dream...

  • Gives me an idea for a better FPV ground station.. very cool

  • Moderator
    Oh, but the sticks are fully re-configurable for either side.
    I was working on the 3D projectors in the background... They bring a whole new level to the simulators!
  • What about us lefties!??

  • Rocking! Pure awesomeness!

  • No cup holder??? :)

  • My mouth said... "My head says I hate you so much"    But my heart says "I love you!"  Awesome set up man!  That rig will not work with things that are in my house, which is mostly my wife.

  • @ Sgt Ric Hi ! What are they simulating? I see they have a curve in the arm rests to hold their fore arms firm ' I wonder if they wear a wrist brace as well The equipment looks kind of "home brew' 3D would be really freaky! I checked your web page and photos . I see you have some interesting air craft hanging from the ceiling. You have been at this for a while. Have a Great Day!  

  • Moderator
    The FPV display on the screen did not photograph well.
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