Phoenix, AZ

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17 year Software Engineer veteran. Worked in UAV field for 4. Still want to get my butt into an actual cockpit

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Worked at White Sands Missile Range. On Drone Targets, and Drone Formations. The itch has not been scratched since.


Phoenix, AZ

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Eugene Lawson commented on Sgt Ric's photo
"My mouth said... "My head says I hate you so much"    But my heart says "I love you!"  Awesome set up man!  That rig will not work with things that are in my house, which is mostly my wife."
Mar 4, 2013
Eugene Lawson posted a blog post
First off who I am:My name Eugene LawsonI have always had an affinity for things that fly. As a young child my uncle wanted to fly military (he went Navy AOCS). And showed me Iron Eagle (yeah that movie) I was hooked. But my grades were poor in high…
Feb 5, 2013