I couldn't believe it when I found this site!
If you have a look at my photographs you will see my under construction aircraft.
It is 1200 mm long, 90 mm wide, 220 mm high.
Made from cardboard, balsa, 12 mm square aluminium extrusion tail boom.
It will be powered by an OS 28, with a pusher prop.
Weight at the moment is under 1kg, with no engine, canopy "glass", or radio gear.

The whole point of this aircraft design right from the start was
1) stability
2) lots of room for avionics
3) a camera platform
4) a test bed for AUV systems

The fuselage sides are made from cardboard, I used polyester resin to fuel proof it and give it a bit of extra strength.
It has a full flying elevator, the rudder at the moment is full flying, but that has proved to be impractical.
When I ran up the OS 28 for the first time the rudder shook like hell and I am going to put a more conventional vertical stabiliser/rudder combination on it.
Wing span will be around 2000mm.
I want to flight test it just under normal radio control first with a simple wing and minimal electronics.
After that I plan to put 12 2V, 500mA photovoltaic cells in between the wing ribs, 6 in each wing.
The idea being to keep the plane aloft as long as possible, I was going to fit a clunk tank pick up to a 250mL PET fruit juice bottle.
I gotta find a name for it!

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