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The MR4 Quadcopter is an Australian developed product by BASK Industries and utilizing many components promoted on this forum.This Topic is started as a place to share experiences on the MR4. So feel free to make comment on anything related to the MR4. I'm sure the designer welcomes any feedback on his product with the view to making improvements or tailoring it to the needs of the end user.Over time this topic may need to be moved into a more mainstream area. For now I'd like to see some Aussies get behind it.For the record I've being flying this UAV for several months and have found it to be very capable.

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  • I thought I'd just give this thread a bump, or nudge.

    The MR4 has been out in the market place for a little while now.

    It's performance has been enhanced by the awesome work of the Dev Team & test pilots. Top one guys.

    Word has it that there are quite a few new products about to be released. All designed and built in-house with the MR series in mind.

    So if there's a few out there with this Quad it'd be good to here from you.

  • Hi Shaw,
    Front Right is motor 1 which runs CCW.
    Front Left is motor 3 which runs CW.
    Rear Right is motor 4 which runs CW.
    Rear Left is motor 2 which runs CCW.
    Make sure all motors are calibrated.
    Also make sure you have the board orientated correctly ie. Front to Front. Sounds to me like its back to front.
  • Could you post some pics and a link to it's website? Maybe some specs and pricing info?
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