About Me:

I'm a mechatronics engineer. Currently, I'm the project manager for UAS technology for Unison Networks Ltd, an electricity distribution company based primarily in the Hawke's Bay area of New Zealand.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Investigating the possibilities which UAS technology offer for asset management of electricity distribution networks: this means I've got some interest in just about everything to do with UAVs, from flight control through machine vision to regulatory considerations.


North Shore City, Auckland, New Zealand

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Edwin Hayes posted a discussion
Aeronavics (www.aeronavics.com) is a manufacturer of industrial multi-rotors, based in the Waikato region of New Zealand.We're currently looking for a software engineer to create software for the embedded computers on our new range of products:…
Jan 19, 2016
Edwin Hayes posted a discussion
Unison Networks Limited is an electricity company in the Hawke's Bay area of New Zealand.  We run an R&D project looking at the use of UAVs for inspecting our network. We're looking for an embedded systems engineer:  someone with some skills in…
Apr 28, 2015
Edwin Hayes commented on Ricky Curwood's blog post Fire-fighting Drones?!
"Some preliminary work looking into the types of fire fighting solutions which many people are proposing here has already been done at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch (probably 'just down the road' from Ricky): there is no shortage of…"
Dec 7, 2012
Edwin Hayes commented on Edwin Hayes's blog post PhD Scholarship Offering - Machine Vision UAS Navigation
"Ok, rather than replying to everyone individually, I'll try to give a bit more information here:
The project will, I believe, be funded via MSI (or TIF, or FRST, or whatever the NZ Ministry for Science and Innovation have rebranded themselves as by…"
Mar 5, 2012
Edwin Hayes posted a blog post
Courtesy of some industry demand, we're looking to offer a fully funded PhD scholarship for someone interested in developing machine vision solutions for UAV navigation.The 'we' in this case would be the University of Canterbury, in Christchurch,…
Mar 4, 2012
Edwin Hayes commented on David's blog post Simple project/mission ideas for a sophomore level mechanical engineering design class
"Perhaps docking onto some kind of 'charging station'?  Depending on what exactly what you are trying to dock with, there are probably any number of possible mechanisms which could work well.  It would be reasonably easy to measure success: degree of…"
Nov 8, 2011
Edwin Hayes replied to Angelo Rossi's discussion PWM output on 2.0.42
"(Having looked at the implementation in APM_RC.cpp) Why isn't the timer/counter's 'TOP' value just reduced to 5000 rather than having that 'Force_Out0_Out1' jazz?  Manipulating the timer/counter register to 'skip' over part of the timing seems…"
Oct 10, 2011