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David commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Very cool DIY F35
May 1, 2020
David commented on Tarik Agcayazi's blog post Project Log 9 | Autonomous Glider from High Altitude balloon
"Great video sir. I love the transparency and enthusiasm...keep up the good work!"
Apr 7, 2020
David commented on Haley Hu -'s blog post Tersus UAV PPK solution is coming
"the link is not working"
Aug 21, 2018
David replied to Bob Smith's discussion Sony A7 Infrared codes
"Thanks for posting this!"
Jul 9, 2018
David commented on Daniel McKinnon's blog post Becoming a Land Surveyor-in-Training in three easy steps: How to actually make drone data valuable
"Excellent write-up! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain your journey through this process."
Jun 21, 2017
David commented on Bernardo Espinosa's blog post Low cost L1+L2 GNSS RTK receiver for Drones. North RTKite receiver.
Your product is very interesting and it appears that you have put a lot of hard work into developing it. Would you mind posting a picture of the back side of the system so we can get a better idea of the size?"
Feb 22, 2016
David commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New service to "take control of reckless or malicious drones"
"This video will be a great marketing tool for those UAV companies offering encrypted control/data links!"
Oct 27, 2015
David commented on Toby Mills's blog post 3dr Solo Review from a Long Time DIYer
"Very nice review! Thanks for taking the time to put this together. "
Oct 12, 2015
David commented on Laser Developer's blog post Long range Laser Altimeter for commercial Drones and Light Aircraft
"This looks like a great product at a pretty reasonable price...what type of performance would you expect if you flew this over a 6ft tall corn crop? "
Oct 8, 2015
David commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post OpenROV Trident - An Underwater Drone for Everyone
"I wonder how this will perform in weedy lakes."
Sep 17, 2015
David commented on VGR-Systems's blog post New patented tilted coaxial VTOL
"Cool design! I think the compactness relative to quadcopters and the mechanical durability relative to traditional co-axial helicopters are great selling points. Keep up the good work!"
Aug 27, 2015
David commented on Charles Blouin's blog post Brushless Motor Dynamometer from RCbenchmark
"Very cool product idea!"
Aug 26, 2015
David replied to Kevin Christensen's discussion CHDK usb trigger
Does 3DR sell this cable for the s100 separate from its mapping kit?"
Jul 24, 2015
David replied to E_Luna's discussion NMEA sentences from APM 2.6-ublox GPS to Tetracam ADC Lite camera
"Are you planning on stitching the imagery after you geotag it? If so, what stitching software to you plan on using? Its worth noting that the ADC Lite uses a rolling shutter sensor and most stitching software does not like that."
Jul 23, 2015
David replied to Boris A. Horn's discussion World First: Methane Sensor for UAVs
"How much does the unit cost?"
Jul 16, 2015
David commented on Jordan's blog post The Drone / Horror Movie trailer
"too funny!"
Jun 1, 2015