I have a Canon S100 with CHDK, the E-flite EFLA600, Sparkfun step-up board and this cable http://www.kapshop.com/p274/Canon-11-pin-for-CHDK/SDM-and-Video-out...

I have soldered and connected to Pixhawk. I can measure 3.3v pulses from the output pins of the Pixhawk.

The camera will fire when I disconnect the main Lipo battery. But I can’t get it to fire from Mission Planner.

Any idea how I can troubleshoot this?

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Why are you using the E-flite?  I just use Aux 6 on the pixhawk as a relay. It puts out 3.3v for 0.1 seconds, and the step up supplied by 3DR for connecting to the S100 bumps it up to 5v.  I have no idea if the sparkfun board can be used this way.

I do not think that sparkfun board is likely to work. It needs to draw more current from the 3.3v output of the pixhawk than the pixhawk can source.  So the output will not go to 5V when the pixhawk tried to "shoot".

I have not tried it but something like this should work better : https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12009 


Does 3DR sell this cable for the s100 separate from its mapping kit?

I can confirm it is not working.

I can measure 3.3v from the aux pins on the Pixhawk but when soldered to the step up board I can only measure 0.1v going in.
The sparkfun will output 3.6v to CHDK but that is not enough to trigger.....

Any idea how I can get this working with the parts I have? Sorry, I'm an idiot when it comes to this.
Or alternatively buy an off the shelf cable? 3DR does not sell it separate.

I don't think there is anything you can do to make that Sparkfun board give a nice clean 5V output.

This might help if you what a commercial solution : PixHawk Camera Trigger Cable  (scrol down to the PixHawk Camera Trigger Cable)

Just tried to connect my iris' pic hawk pin 52 to a sparkfun step up board (1702) with the ground leads on the same pin per the schematic...also a no go. I've got too many variables right now, so I'm going the get that kap cable and find a 5 volt source (maybe I'll use the lead to the receiver) 

Hope this will give sufficient amps to trigger chdk. That being said, I cannot get cam trigger type to stay set as relay, which likely is another issue preventing success. Arrgh.

Doesn't look to me that this will work Walter...literature says it needs to be powered by both 3.3 and 5v sources.  What I want is the 3.3 v pulse turned into the 5v I need to trigger my 330hs running chdk KAP script.

The addition of even a tiny bec seems wasteful, since there has to be a 5v source for the receiver on my iris.  Hate to take it apart, but looks like I'm going to have top and bottom covers off to get this setup. I'll measure the amps off the receiver power lead and go from there.

I bit the bullet and ordered the Tuffwing cable.

About cam trigger type, when you go to Gimbal settings in Mission Planner cam trigger type will switch back to servo. Guess it's a bug.

I can confirm that the 5V which powers the receiver is sufficient to trigger CHDK, I have flown with it.  The RC IN slot goes to the receiver, and I ran a cable from another slot on the receiver to AUX 5.  This brought 5V to the servo rail, and it ran 5V down the red wire of my AUX 6 cable.  Worked like a charm.

Big surprise (the "bug")

I was triggering the camera with an old moto phone charger plugged into a powerstrip.  Just flip the switch for roughly a half second... and it snaps the shot. So that variable is checked off as "OK"

Much Obliged Stephan! So why do I need to do more than to take +5 from the RX center pin rail to the center pin rail on the pixhawk, and another jumper from RX - rail to the Pixhawk - rail?  Don't understand why you are using two servo cables.

I've got some jumpers with single molex connectors, think I'll use those to get +5 to the center rail on the Pixhawk..Hott dignity...!

Then like Kevin did, I'll bite the bullet and buy the TUFFWING cable. I'd like to get the video cable Kelvin bought as well, for some special shooting I'd like to do with my Elph 330HS. Of course I'll need to buy another gimbal (I'm using a mapping mount setup now..camera pointed straight down)

Gawd this payload is getting expensive... started with "on the shelf" and I've got bits and bobs all over the place. CHDK is certainly fascinating tho... wow.

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