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From Paul Saffo on the Google+ DIY Drones community. (We did the same thing with ArduCopter here):

Parrot and Autodesk123 used to terrain-model a construction stockpile. Fun to see the rough-tough survey crew watching as the little red parrot takes off and flies past the Cat D8.

A Parrot AR Drone 2.0 was used to map a stockpile area on a civil engineering project. The video feed from the drone was captured at 0.5s intervals using FFMPEG and modeled using AutoDESK 123D Catch to create a 3D textured surface model.

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  • So does Autodesk 123D process the images locally or does it upload to the cloud? Does anyone know how long it takes to process a given amount of images?

  • very nice!!!

  • Very cool... it will be interesting to see how much this type of thing catches on with regular users.

  • Moderator

    Just imagine what that would have taken 5 years ago.  As technology goes its good enough and you can have 30 for the price of some systems expected to do the same. The new recording plug in should help this along.

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