I have followed the APM manual and successfully got everything working, however the following section baffles me:


"If you want to have six modes, you'll probably have to configure your RC transmitter to do this. That's usually accomplished by mixing a two position switch and a three position switch on your transmitter. Set your switch(es) to (ideally) produce PWM pulse widths of 1165, 1425, and 1815 microseconds or 1165, 1295, 1425, 1555, 1685, and 1815 milliseconds. (You can also do this with an analog dial, if you have one, but it's hard to reliably turn it to just the right position for six distinct settings)"


I am using an Aurora 9 and want to make full use of all 6 configurable modes as it seems to me 3 is insufficient -


Does anyone have experience on how to set up channel mixing on these controllers to get the right PWM timings?  I have programed AUX 1 to use a 3 pos switch and AUX 2 to use a 2 pos switch, then fiddled with P.Mix of 1->2 and 2->1 for hours but can't seem to work out the trick.


Any help would be greatly welcomed! :)



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Just forget aux2 switch at first. I don´t know the term in Aurorish :))) but you need what is called a self mix mix .

Mix aux1 to aux1 50/-50%(or -50/50) and use any 2 position switch (not a channel) to turn it on . When the mix is on the output of the three channel switch is 50 0 50 ,when off 100 0 100.

Hope it works also in Aurora,it works in a futaba 7,9 and also on jr 9303.


Thanks for the tip.  I tried to configure this on the transmitter - but it doesn't seem to allow AUX1 -> AUX1 mixing.  Whenever I try to select the same channel twice it changes one of the parameters to ELEV or something else..  I'll do some googling for self mix.


Thanks for the lead.  I'm sure there's a way I can get it working.

Its a shame the software did not allow that ,it was very helpfull when using 4 channel receivers with 2 ailerons ,with a selfmix -100/-100 i disabled the channel 3 and then a 2nd aileron to channel 3 mix makes the magic.....


Try instead using the flight mode thing ,it says you can assign 7 flight modes .

An update for anyone else who might come across a similar challenge.


I have programmed switches C (3pos) and D (2pos) and got it to work by doing the following:


Channel Setup:

Ch 6: AUX1: Switch C - This is the one connected to the APM on Input #8

Ch 7: AUX2: Switch D


End Point Adjustments:

Ch6: AUX1: +50%, -100%

Ch7: AUX2: +100%, -100%


Programmable Mixes:

1. AUX2 -> AUX1, Rate +:+50%, -:+25%


Now I get a full range of switch positions.  Maybe someone more intelligent than myself would refine this a little.  I just tweaked the EPA until I got a full range of modes.  I guess I should ensure they are close to the values specified in the APM manual.

What is the secuence then???

I think I had a "good" one in my mind  EPA 100 for both and then -50/-50 for the mix. This way you get two sets of Flight modes 1,3,6 or 2,3,4 switchable by D .Being 3 manual 1,6 are stabilize and FBW A ,and 2,4 auto and RTL .

That way you get a set of test modes and a set of mission modes.


thanks a lot man this works perfectly for Aurora 9. it took me a few min to realize EPA=End Point Adjustments, and PMix=Programable Mixes on the controller screen. hopefully this saves someone another 30 Sec. just follow Shaw exactly as he says in his post.

This is the most sensible reply and answer. Worked good for me. Hitec Aurora 9 and Delta 8 receiver. Thanks Shaw.

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