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Im from Geelong Australia, i have an inner city workshop with some friends and we build all sorts of projects, from multirotors, robotic platforms, RC stuff, CNC routers and mills etc....

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my UAV interest to learn as much as i can and do as much as i can to be very well informed in this field. the future will be full of multirotor drones, and i want to be part of it.



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pyrosamz posted a discussion
that's my question basically. i have a large x8 and in the process of trying to keep the GPS/compass away from the batteries and leads the GPS stand is a little wobbly. many many thanks in advance. 
Jun 8, 2015
pyrosamz posted a discussion
hi there,My company runs large X8 frames to deliver a variety of data. a small problem but not major is that once the pixhawk (running 3.2) is flicked into Auto it stops displaying data between way-points. like speed, climb rate, etc...everything…
May 31, 2015
pyrosamz replied to SlyKittenBox's discussion DCM Bad Heading
"Your most welcome rick. :)"
Jan 10, 2015
pyrosamz replied to SlyKittenBox's discussion DCM Bad Heading
"This happens when there is a discrepancy between compass heading and actual for more than a second. Move your gps compass module higher up on your frame away from batteries wires distribution esc's etc... Re do live mag calibration. Then also do a…"
Jan 9, 2015
pyrosamz replied to zub's discussion Please help diagnose my APM 2.6 flyaway
"In advanced parameters list what's your rtl hight set at? I think default is 80m.if you have a rc failsafe set up correctly the first thing that will happen is the copter will rise to that altitude in the event of failsafe be initialised."
Jan 9, 2015
pyrosamz replied to Sergio Boatella's discussion QuadCopter 3.2 Pixhawk, random flip and crash
"Gps/mag didn't come loose? Flight controller didn't become slightly off? No mechanical failure of any sort?"
Dec 11, 2014
pyrosamz replied to anthony richardson's discussion minimosd
"Download the OSD configuration tool and it's pretty straight fwd to move any screen info to where you want. Follow the arducopter wiki or for more details the arduplane wiki."
Sep 22, 2014
pyrosamz commented on Gary McCray's blog post New 1 at a time ESC calibration method for PX4 or Pixhawk
"What I do is open up the 4 in1 esc, it's basically 4 skywalker 25amp esc's. solder on a program header on each silab and throw blheli firmware on, then in the GUI just set my throttle range to what I want. Works neat as!"
Jun 30, 2014
pyrosamz posted a discussion
today I ran through the compassMot and just was a little stunned at my 60% precent result. I made up a little board to go under the apm with 2 layers of foil in it thinking that would give me some shielding but I was only able to get 50%. I made…
Jul 22, 2013
pyrosamz replied to Ned Horning's discussion Need help figuring out why my quad keeps flipping
"make sure your frame configuration is correct. x or +. and make sure accel is calibrated."
Jul 17, 2013
pyrosamz replied to TonyP's discussion Quad Spinning/Yaw issues - Please help
"make sure that all you motors function equally. boot each motor up on servo tester to b sure"
Jul 17, 2013
pyrosamz replied to Jason Ludwig's discussion no bars in radio calibration
"make sure your radio is bound to the receiver. even check an output with a servo to be sure."
Jul 17, 2013
pyrosamz posted a discussion
today the guys at Bask Aerospace in Melbourne gave up over 2 hours of their time to help me trouble shoot my APM 2.5 with great success. I have bought 2 apm 2.5's from them and the service is unmatched. you can get them on the phone always and they…
Jul 17, 2013
pyrosamz replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.0 ready for wider use
"when I load the latest firmware, I can connect to my apm 2.5 over usb with no lipo connected and all is fine. I proceed to calibrate my radio, accel, and turn on current sensor, optical flow, and sonar. then I disconnect and try to reconnect. usb…"
Jul 9, 2013
pyrosamz posted a discussion
hi, I have updated MP to 1.2.57 and tried everything to make the latest firmware load (I click on beta versions and wait till the icons change). same thing each time after it says 'done' 2 motors on my hex randomly spin and I cannot connect to the…
Jun 28, 2013
pyrosamz replied to pyrosamz's discussion fail firmware update please help!
"Oh nice good to know. Just one question how can I roll back to 2.9.1b if I can't connect to my APM board? Thanks"
Jun 21, 2013