how can i get better results with CompassMot???!

today I ran through the compassMot and just was a little stunned at my 60% precent result. I made up a little board to go under the apm with 2 layers of foil in it thinking that would give me some shielding but I was only able to get 50%. I made sure the hexcopter could not move at all. my apm 2.5 sits 25mm above a PD board and perhaps 50mm diagonally away from the esc's. I mean it flys well and hovers nicely, but a little improvement is always good. any suggestions would be hugely appreciated!






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  • Hi,


    only things you can do is move your compass further away from you power board or add some mu-metal under your apm (normal copper will not affect the mag field much)


    you might get a 20% improvement with the mag shield, but it also lowers your earth mag field a little.

    I tried this one with good results before I got an external compass:

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Aug 25