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Noob at flying anything remote controlled

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Interested in the world of automated flying especially FPV

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TonyP commented on Crispin's blog post Spektrum DX8 and AR8000 Failsafe setup
"Thanks Crispin, just used this to setup my radio, now to test...."
Jul 24, 2013
TonyP posted a discussion
After a massive crash from about 50ft up I have now what I can only think is a yaw issue. On take off the quad just continually spins out of control.I have tried everything, including:1) Replacing all motors2) All new props3) Swapped out the ESC's…
Jul 16, 2013
TonyP replied to TonyP's discussion Dropped out the sky
"Well bumping a old thread of mine as I still seem to be struggling with the quad dying on me and crashing. I am now running a APM 2.5 version 2.9.1b

Been playing around with Auto flight modes over the last few weeks, and I have had mixed results.…"
Jun 20, 2013
TonyP posted a discussion
Hi Everyone. Recently got into ArduCopters, and have a standard 3DR frame with the 850 motors, APM1 etc. Radio I use is a Spektrum DX8. Being a total noob, I have been the cause of a number of crashes and I can live with that, however for the second…
Mar 28, 2012
TonyP replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.5 released!
"Hi Folks, new to the forum and ArduCopters (since December this year) and been having heaps of fun and crashes LOL. I like this release, however have come across a strange issue, which may be a bug.
If I go to terminal mode and run setup and then…"
Mar 22, 2012