Hi Everyone.


Recently got into ArduCopters, and have a standard 3DR frame with the 850 motors, APM1 etc. Radio I use is a Spektrum DX8.


Being a total noob, I have been the cause of a number of crashes and I can live with that, however for the second time now, my quad has just fallen out of the sky. It was flying quite stable (2.5.1) and alt-hold, loiter and RTL all worked quite well, although I do have some yaw issues, but I will save that for another day.


What happend today and also about 2-3 weeks ago, is that it's flying along as expected, responsive etc, and then nothing, not throttle, I could see the props stopped, turned turtle, and met the ground with some force, damaging all four motors. Luckily I learnt from last itme and bought one of those boxes which protected the APM.

Also since the last crash I have moved the power to a different ESC.


So it's the same field, and was about the same distance away from me (about 150-200 meters), when it crashed. Looking at the logs, you can see the Throttle, Pitch, Roll in all just die. Could it be a range issue?

.log file and a pic of the graph attached.


Appreciate any help!

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Hi Tony,

sorry about your crash,had the same Problem with my Octo, just felt out of the sky.

Got DX8 as well,for me it was a range Problem.I´ve already sent it to HH.

What receiver do use ?If you can,try to program a dfferent failsafe mode.

Cheers Fred

Hi Fred, its the standard receiver that came with the radio. planning to do the radio range test to see if its that. How did you know it was a radio issue?

This seems to be a radio failsafe. Your radio is probably programmed to hold all values and set throttle to 0 which is what happened. Bummer about your crash!


ok just did the radio range test, and I get about 15meters as opposed to the suggested 30meters, so this could be my issue!

Stupid question, but whats the difference between radio failsafe andand the APM failsafe? and can the APM failsafe be set to land as opposed to zero throttle ?

Failsafe is always in rx,got nothing to do with APM.

If you go into failsafe,you got a range problem.

Is there a way to make it so that if you use a input on the rx as part of a failsafe that would automatically send it to the APM RTL option?

I hope you understand what I am saying

I was just checking my radio and haveing the F/S would not even help.  it would keep the throttle at one position and the others channels to the last know fixed position.  Well if you were flying away from you it will just keep going until it does hit something.

I think what I am going to do is setup GEOFencing and if it get out of that range it will bring itself back into the fenced area.  I think that is what will happen.

Yes, you could set Ch7 option to RTL, and then trigger that in your receiver failsafe.

Or, the way I have it done, is RTL is one of my flight modes, and I simply set the Rx failsafe to that.

So, if I turn off my Tx, the Rx will output all sticks to neutral, and RTL mode.  Simple as that.

Really?  What Radio?  I'm using an FrSky radio in a Futaba, and I can set the failsafe to be anything I want.

What good is a failsafe that just holds the last known output?

I have the Futaba T7C.  I was just reading through the manual and it tells me that only channel three can be set.  I need a new radio

Just get the FrSky modules. They are really good.

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