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SlyKittenBox replied to Randy's discussion AC-3.1 autotune support discussion
"I can fix all your problems!  Do as I did toss the thing in the garbage lol.  Spend the 400$ on a full wookong system and never worry about this crap again lol
Honestly I have 4 apm units. 3 DJi units.  I so far have had every problem you can think…"
Dec 7, 2014
SlyKittenBox replied to Chris Evans's discussion APM 2.6 gyro roll values reversed after update
"You are seeing it correctly!  This is what is posted by the creators of mission planner!  Would be nice if they would have told us about this change!

With MAVlink connected, move the APM board and you should see the artificial horizon move…"
Dec 5, 2014
SlyKittenBox posted a discussion
I have no idea what is going on.  Everything was flying great and then I updated the firmware to 3.2 and now I keep getting DCM Bad Heading.  This unit only flew 3 times before I put 3.2 on it and it was working perfectly with 3.1.  IT does not…
Dec 5, 2014
SlyKittenBox replied to John Maugeri's discussion APM 2.6 External Compass errors during calibration
"Hey!  Yeah it is okay.  compass #2 should say 99% errors and like .0x% for compass one.  From what I been told it is just seeing how close to each point it's off. Not an actual error with the unit!  I could be wrong but that was what I was told when…"
Dec 5, 2014
SlyKittenBox replied to Dean's discussion APM Dedicated BEC
"Question for you guys!  Not sure where to ask this but I have a 2.6 apm/gps/compass/osd/telem....  I also use the apm 5.v power module.  I noticed since I added the osd I have brownout that ends in a flip of death!  I have read others having the…"
Oct 3, 2014