Hi all,

Following the pre-production annoucement of AirbotPower, with full details here, after many months of tests, production and waiting, I am glad to announce the boards are now ready and availble for shipping.

AirbotPower is an all in one power+PDB board for currents up to 150 amps, linear Hall effect sensor (ACS 758 200 amps), up to 8S double redundant batteries support, redundant pixhawk power support (plug & play with Pixhawk's power port DF13 connector), FPV 12V power, double 5.3V BECs, less than 10mv ripple output on all BECs ouputs.

Size: 50x50 cm (standard mounting hole spacing : 45x45)

Weight : 20 grams

AirbotPower replaces this:

by this:

The available product options and pricing are listed in the following table:


Unit price (€ ex. VAT, ex. shipping)

Unit price (€ incl. VAT, ex. shipping)

AirbotPower board

€ 76,03

€ 92

AirbotPDB board

€ 12,39

€ 15

5.6V-5W Zener diode and Capacitor (components to assemble)

€ 4.13

€ 5

Note : Each AirbotPower board is delivered with a pair of three male servo pins (to solder) for the 12V FPV and 5V backup outputs.

You can order here.



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