Airframe for 20+ min Endurance

I want to implement complete APM missions (with Auto Takeoff and Auto Landings) with minimum endurance of 20 minutes. The constraints are:

  • Wing Span                     < 1700 mm
  • Gross weight                  < 1700 g
  • Endurance                      > 20 minutes
  • No payload requirements except APM2.5, GPS, and Xbee.
  • Electric Powered, Foam build

Most of the threads I've read for endurance flights seem to cross either span or weight limit I've set. Any airframe suggestions for the above constraints ?

I've looked up a few aircrafts mentioned in previous threads, but am not sure about the endurance they provide.

Skywalker 1680 V6 FPV Platform EPO Kit

EPP-FPV 1.8M X-Large EPP & Carbon Fiber R/C Plane


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  • I had 45 min. endurance with a GoPro as payload with a modified EadyStar. The mid. is to cut off the whole tail at the root on the fuselage, and replace it by one of balsawood. The tail boom was 2 9x9mm balsa sticks glued into grooves that I cut in the bottom of the fuse. This allowed an 8 or 8.5 inch prop to be installed with a suitable motor (about 1200 kv at 3s and 60-75 grams size). With the original size prop I got only 15 minutes on the same battery. It looked awful but it worked well...
    Regards Soren
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