Airplane goes from Auto to Manual or RTL mode

General behavior question here...

I've just had a few flights with Autopilot mode so far, and yesterday I got some strange behavior.  I've been trying to read up on it, but can't really find an answer.  Here's what happened.

When navigating to a waypoint, the AV was heading generally north and the next waypoint was a good 1/2 mile almost directly to the south, so the AV was gonna need to make almost a 180 degree turn.  Wind aloft was about 10mph out of the west.  The AV hit the waypoint and made a left turn.  It overshot the track to the next waypoint by a pretty good angle and then reverted to RTL mode and started coming home.  Another time, with a different waypoint, it got blown off-course so much that it reverted to manual mode.  That might have been my mistake because I unknowingly left the transmitter switch in manual mode.

So, I guess my general question is what is the default behavior when track is lost?  Where can that behavior be changed?  I haven't gone thru the tuning guide yet, but that is my next step when we get back out to fly some more.  I'm guessing I'll be tweaking the crosstrack gain and angles to fix that.

Thanks for the help...this is quite the adventure in learning!


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  • Maybe the default xtrack angle is too small. If you have a slow airspeed and high winds it could be that 30 degrees is not enough to bring it back to the track line. Maybe you could try increasing it to 45 for windy days and let us know if that helps.
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