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Andy Grose commented on robert mcintosh's blog post That was fun!
"Very cool video! But if he was a really good pilot, he'd try that with the wheel spinning, right? Only kidding, of course..."
Mar 6, 2013
Andy Grose commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Asctec and Ars Electronica call world record on outdoor 50 quad swarm
"That was pretty slick, no doubt.  I was hoping to hear what 50 quads sounded like..."
Sep 5, 2012
Andy Grose commented on Kabir's blog post Good Glider Platform for APM-- NEED ADVICE
"Wayne, could you elaborate/clarify please?  "...stay away from this..."  What do you mean, the formula or the plane?"
Aug 30, 2012
Andy Grose commented on Kabir's blog post Good Glider Platform for APM-- NEED ADVICE
"I don't have experience with this airframe, but the comment above about a v-tail mixer...I can comment on that.
I purchased a FMA MX-80 V-tail mixer and a Great Planes V-tail mixer to use with my APM2 on a "Predator" ARF model.  I was unable to get…"
Aug 29, 2012
Andy Grose posted a discussion
General behavior question here...I've just had a few flights with Autopilot mode so far, and yesterday I got some strange behavior.  I've been trying to read up on it, but can't really find an answer.  Here's what happened.When navigating to a…
Aug 2, 2012
Andy Grose replied to David Hertzog's discussion Parkzone radian ardupilot parameters
"I'd be interested in the Radian setup as well.  Have you had any luck since you originally posted this?
Aug 1, 2012
Andy Grose posted a discussion
Quick question about missions.  My searches didn't turn up the answer... Can you change missions during a flight?  For example, if I'm flying FlightPlan1, could I hit "Load WP File" and load a new one and then click the "Write WPs" button to send it…
Jul 26, 2012
Andy Grose commented on William Wishon's blog post First flight with ArduPlane
"Was this in the HobbyZone Super Cub?  Can you post some pictures of your install?"
Jul 23, 2012
Andy Grose posted a discussion
Is there a schematic or pinout available for the airspeed sensor breakout board? https://store.diydrones.com/Breakout_Board_MPXV7002DP_p/br-0004-03.... pads around the holes on my board are now damaged, and I'm trying to salvage what I can since…
Jul 16, 2012
Andy Grose replied to Andy Grose's discussion Help with APM2 and V-tail (with mixer)
"Quick update on this...

Since I don't have a solution to using the v-tail with APM2, I decided to disconnect the v-tail mixer and run elevator only (both elevator servos to a Y-cable).  I was able to fly the airplane yesterday afternoon without…"
Jul 13, 2012
Andy Grose posted a discussion
I'm trying to set up a v-tail plane with a new APM2 board.  Here's my history with the plane...1. Configured the plane as RC only and flew it with V-tail mixing in the radio.  Flew great.2. Added APM2 board and discovered V-tail wasn't…
Jul 11, 2012