Good Glider Platform for APM-- NEED ADVICE


UPDATE : I have discarded the Zephyr V70 option due to input from you guys . I am now torn between these :


Hi Guys,

I had been checking out the Zephyr v70 V-Tail Glider as an APM platform, but am not sure if all the GPS and telemetry, most importantly the APM 1 board with Oilpan will fit in it.

I am planning on running it on a 3S 2200mAh LiPo, so I get some extra space there, but the APM seems awfully large and if it fits, it will be a tight fit with the R/C Rx.

If someone has the Zephyr, it being such a popular glider, I would like to know their opinion.

Another question - does the current ArduPlane code support V-Tail mixing? Its probably there, but needs to be enabled in the code manually???

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     "...stay away from this..." i mean the zephyr .

  • Good luck with the Bixler-2!  It looks like the APM guys here are already tearing it up.  : )

  • Wayne, could you elaborate/clarify please?  "...stay away from this..."  What do you mean, the formula or the plane?

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    V tail mixing absolutely can be computed buy APM2 er an arduino . here is the formula .

      a = x/2 - y/2
      b = x/2 + y/2

    but good decision to stay away from this as a UAV .

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    Thanks guys! Then I would like to go for the Bixler 2. Let's start the work on the new bixler then. I'll keep you guys updated. I like the challenge.
  • I don't have experience with this airframe, but the comment above about a v-tail mixer...I can comment on that.

    I purchased a FMA MX-80 V-tail mixer and a Great Planes V-tail mixer to use with my APM2 on a "Predator" ARF model.  I was unable to get full control of the tail surfaces...only got up and right, no down and left.  I gave up on rudder control and put both tail servos on a y-cable to the elevator channel and added a big rudder to the sub-fin on the plane.  Much simpler that way! :-)


  • I know you are trying to decide between those three airframes, but I also have to suggest a Bixler-1 as a glider.   I can go 10 minutes from my house to a field with an excellent updraft and keep mine in the air for 40 minutes easy with 10% throttle and a 2100mAh battery.   My neck gives out before the plane does.

    There is a HUGE community and parts for the Bixler-1 for APM, FPV, and general RC.  That doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the sister planes - Sky Surfer and EasyStar.   Must of the APM development here has been done based on the Bixler-1 airframe.

    The Bixler-2 has been announced less than a month and I personally don't know anyone with it yet.   In a way I hope you get it because I want to hear from someone else what challenges there were.    If you want to pioneer on these airframes I encourage you to go for it - I appreciate this community, but just realize if you start on an airframe that few people have you may have problems getting specific answers to problems.

    Good luck on your decision and we hope to see your progress soon!

  • Bixler/Skysurfer/Easystar or Skywalker are the first two planes you should think about owning.  Both are good.  You should have nothing to do with a fiber body until you have a lot of experience. 

  • Are stable non linear flying planes (a lot of dihedral) actually the best choice for FBW?

    They are for RC beginners. But autopilots are no beginners and might have more predictable responses with sporty planes.

    The paparazzi project guys seem to concentrate on unstable airframes. I don't know if that is because they like the challenge or if they actually fly better.

    Sorry to come up with such a random thought. But I guess that is what it all depends on?

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    Thanks for the input guys, Presently I am torn between these. Please suggest.

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