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  • One of the best videos I've seen!! Great control, smooth footage, just fantastic!

  • WOW!!! amazing

  • Wow very skilful , well done we all envy your skills. I too have a landmark I want to fly around but I am not skilful enough to do it justice, but soon I will be :-)
  • Ok.  That was impressive.  Please share with us your odds of hitting a rotor on that ferris wheel.  Especially in an area where you would not have been able to recover the multirotor.  And please provide hardware details.  My FPV skills suddenly feel very substandard!  :)

  • Very cool video! But if he was a really good pilot, he'd try that with the wheel spinning, right? Only kidding, of course...

  • T3

    ballsy move with the ferris wheel, I think we would all like the know more about your setup. 

  • very nice.. what are you running? fpv? 5.8?

  • Great flight and great skills ! What kind of material are you using ? Is that a GoPro 3 ?

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